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We're thrilled you're here! Shop our custom plans, inquire about 1-on-1
coaching, or drop a question and contact us. We have something
for everyone.

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Blooming Breakthrough

Our Mission

It’s our mission to create a fitness and health experience that provides a long-lasting impression of personal growth, self-care, and transformation -- both physical and mental, inside and out, that is truly undeniable.

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We have something for everyone.


Bloom Fitness is for the tired and busy mom. The fresh-out-of college newbie. The lost, self-conscious soul. The already-dedicated fitness fanatic. The one who needs accountability and guidance. The one who needs support and understanding. The one who needs education and knowledge. The one who’s finally ready to take their training to the next level. Bloom Fitness is for you.

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Coaching Plans + Packages

1-ON-1 COACHING The most all-inclusive and tailored personal training plan offered by…

About Bloom Fitness LLC

WHO WE ARE What is Bloom Fitness LLC? Bloom Fitness is a…

Fit Packs

A bundle of body-changing, boss babe workouts for beginners and vets alike.

About Your Trainer

Meet Katelyn Bloomquist: She’s the owner, founder, and head coach of Bloom….