NPC Texas Legends || Peak Week

I’ll start by apologizing for the lack of posts going into the show. The week was crazy, I didn’t have Wifi at the hotel, and I’ve been sick as hell. I’m in the process of catching up on my writing, so here’s a compressed version of how my peak week went.

My peak week started on Saturday and I drank 2 gallons of water every day until Thursday. I kept carbs low until Tuesday and Wednesday – where we started to carb up on 300g of carbs/day. On Thursday/Friday, we tapered down to 150g of carbs to maintain the fullness. I was training full body every single day this week… which was long and very repetitive and boring. My cardio stayed at two 45 min sessions of LISS/day until Thursday where I only did 30 minutes. Friday was a complete rest day!

Tuesday and Wednesday were awesome in themselves because I got to have soooo many carbs! Most of my carbs came from rice cakes, cream of rice, rice, and lots of potatoes. High carb days actually end up making me even hungrier than I would usually be. I was eating almost 2x the amount of calories as I normally would and my appetite was on fire. From what I’ve seen, this is totally normal though. My body was “sucking up” the carbs and loved it. I did cut out lots of stuff for this week… I think I’ve mentioned in my last post, but gum, carbonation, eggs, protein, etc. all went bye bye. Not because my coach said so, but because I said so.

Last year at MN State to now…. WOW.

The week as a whole was pretty easy. I never have a hard time with my peak weeks because food is always increased, cardio intensity is low, and motivation is at an all time high considering I’m getting up on stage!

I was incredibly organized (like over the top organized) going into this show. Everything was in place. All the confirmation numbers, all the addresses, all the everything was EXACTLY perfectly planned out. But… ya’ll know how life goes.

I flew out of MSP on Thursday with my meal bag, competition suit case, and regular suitcase in tow. I was flying 1st class for the first time (lol, that was fun!) and I just watched a movie the whole time.. The flight was only about 2 hours. I got super anxious because I was in the first row with no seat in front of me to put my meal bag… how was I going to eat with my bag above me? I didn’t want to get up and open up the overhead bin to grab a cooler… I am someone who avoids all kinds of attention drawn to me. Negative or positive. Even getting up to go pee 2 times during the flight was embarrassing enough! Regardless, I made it through the flight, picked up my bags, and took the shuttle to the rental car station. Now THIS was one of the biggest money wasting mistakes of my entire existence. I didn’t know this at the time, but it was actually faster to WALK to the venue from the hotel than to drive. I spent $300 on a rental car that I only used to get to hotel from the airport, and then back to the airport on Sunday. Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

These were from my last low carb day before I started carbing up. It was my lowest weight this entire prep – 114.2 pounds.

Friday came along and I sent photos to Red. He said (and I could tell, too) I was holding water in my back and lower tummy. He had me head up to the fitness center, which was on the 30th freakin’ floor (how extra) to do some incline walking for an hour and try to sweat it out. I shaved up, ate, and rested the remainder of the morning and afternoon until check-ins and my tan. And then….. I wanted to cry, you guys. My throat started to hurt. I coughed and phlegm came up… In the back of my head, my subconscious said… “YO you’re getting sick.” I brushed away that thought and thought there was no way in hell I was getting sick the night before my show. No freaking way. (I was. I still am.) I ignored it, and remained in denial. I figured it was from dropping water and being a little more dehydrated. Yepppp, it wasn’t. I legit was sick.

Obligatory hotel bathroom flex… best lighting there hahaha

My first tan was scheduled for 5:45pm and when I checked in they told me they were already running 30 minutes behind… 30 minutes behind then turned into 60 minutes behind. I wasn’t feeling this. Check-in’s had started so I went about that process instead of laying on the concrete floor waiting for a nasty, smelly, spray tan I didn’t even want to get, lol. I was heighted at 5′ 5″, which is weird as hell because everywhere else I’ve been heighted I’ve come in at 5′ 5 3/4″… Does this mean I’m shrinking??? I don’t know. But regardless, that pushed me down a class into Class D. I checked in, got my “goodie bag” (which is really just code word for sketchy ass supplements I’ll be throwing away), and went back to wait for my tan. Eventually, it was my turn and I got it. My second tan was scheduled for 8:15pm. I came back at that same time because the lady told me they would be caught up. After waiting another 30 minutes, she reads off the order for tans… I was ELEVENTH. THE ELEVENTH PERSON. She asked if anyone was willing to move their tan to the morning and I was alllll over that. I re-scheduled my second tan for 6:30am the next morning. I figured this was probably smarter anyways since tans don’t take to my skin very well… I would have needed tons of touch ups if I had slept with a wet tan.

The most epic pump of my existence!

After my first coat of tan!

I got back to the hotel room and laid in bed until my mom got there around 11:30pm. Guys, I was miserable. My throat felt like barbed wire was ripping thru it, I was coughing, and I just could not fall asleep for the life in me. I probably ended up falling asleep around 1am with me waking up every 45 minutes or so. It really sucked if I’m being totally honest. I had no meds with me because to be real, the LAST thing I was expecting was to get sick the day before my show. BUT I did. It’s okay.