NPC Texas Legends || Show Day

6:15am: The alarm has rung…. Show day, fam. My throat is on fire. Crying on the inside, but I ignore it, I get up and brush my teeth, take photos for Red, and walk over to the venue for my re-scheduled tan.

Can we just take a moment to laugh my morning face please? hahahahahaha











7:30am: I get back to the hotel room with my fresh coat of tan and sit down to eat 2 rice cakes with jelly. Pre-judging starts at 9am, and I didn’t have to be there until I actually had to go on. I did my make-up and hair without any rush. I took my time and tried my best to relax and stay focused. I put on my suit and heels, and took pictures for Red.









10:30am: My mom and I walked over to the venue for pre-judging. When we got there, they were on Open Men’s Physique. That meant I still had Master’s and Novice, all of Figure, and then me. It was perfect timing! I had just enough time to get ready, practice my posing, and pump up.

Make up by me!!!

11:30am: They called us over to line up and I sat in line for a few minutes with the rest of my class. I was nervous, but excited. I felt good. I felt ready. I prayed a lot, and ran thru my routine a few times.

11:40am: Open Bikini Class D was announced. I was the 4th girl in my class to step on stage. I executed my routine exactly how I practiced and felt great. During comparisons, I was moved to the center immediately and I stayed there. I felt confident in how pre-judging went. My mom Facetime’d Greg the whole time I was onstage, too. I’m so glad he got to “see” me up there.

12:00pm: Back to the hotel to rest up. I still feel like crap, but it’s mostly just my throat that hurts. I’m coughing occasionally, my voice sounds jacked up, but it’s really just my throat that’s bothering me. To make matters worse, water is so so so limited. I wanted to drink up so bad… but couldn’t.

12:15pm: My burger and fries! Coach let’s me have a nice meal after pre-judging. It filled me out really nice and about 2 hours later (after I gave it a chance to digest) I was looking really full and really tight. No spilling over – score! Now the goal was just to hold on to the look.

Post-burger and fries. Nice and tight.










1:00pm: Food Network. More Food Network. Instagram. My mom slept, while I just felt sorry for myself (just being honest!!!) since I felt so crappy. I tried to sleep but couldn’t.

4:45pm: I started to freshen up, re-curl my hair, fix my make-up, and assess the “damage” to my tan… To my understanding, there was a meeting at 5:30pm. So I went over to the venue, only to find out there actually wasn’t a meeting. So, I was ready nice and early. I went back to the hotel and laid back down again. So much laying down. So much waiting.

7:30pm: Finals started at 6:30pm and I headed back over to the venue about an hour deep into the final show. Same stuff – wait a little bit longer, get touched up, glazed, and get ready to go. All the girls back stage were so, so, so sweet. I made some great friends.

9:00pm: Go time. I’m looking tighter tonight than I did this morning – so I’m thrilled about tat. I was waiting to go and the promoter of the show told me he could feel my anxiety. Oops, sorry dude. I prayed. I went out there, did my routine again, and went back off stage the other way. At this show, they call back the top 5. My number (96) was the 4th number called, and I went back up. 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd were announced and I was the only one left. My 5th class win. I was very pleased with the results.

9:15pm: Time for the overall! They did 6 classes of bikini at this show and we all lined up on stage A-G. Because I was D, I was automatically splitting the center. The class winners of B and C are going to North Americans, too! We went out there and I was almost immediately switched with the winner of Class A – who ended up taking the overall. She was very lean, very muscular, and had phenomenal glutes and legs. It was a well deserved win.

9:45pm: Back to the hotel! I had a big box of Momo’s Donuts waiting for me. I ordered these online earlier this week and the shop actually delivered the donuts to the venue! Talk about customer service! Sooooo the plan was to get chinese food ( I wanted chicken and broccoli and wontons… so bro, I know) and use UberEats and THEN sample the donuts. But we scheduled the food to get there at 10:45pm because we just weren’t sure how late the show would go. So what happened was I ended up demolishing soooo many donuts before my actual meal even was delivered. They were so so so so good and I did some major damage on them.

11:45pm: Tapping out. Going to bed full and my heart happy. Set my alarm for 4:30am to head home in the morning!