NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 20 Weeks Out

20 weeks ALL

Day 1 of Prep

Today marks the first day of my prep for the NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness on May 21st!  Yes… a long prep, I know. But I’m doing things a little differently this time around – new coaches, new training protocols, and a new approach to my diet. My coaches and I want some additional time to create more overall symmetry and balance while pulling out a little more separation in the glutes/hamstrings, not to mention rounding out that booty to the ideal bikini standard – hence the decade long prep.

20 weeks FRONT

I am so stoked to officially announce that I’ll be training with Ingrid Romero & Joe Discuillo with Team EDGE in 2016. I truly believe that Ingrid and Joe create and mold some of the best bikini competitors in the NPC and their athletes’ bodies and results speak for themselves. If I’m going to compete and put the time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into it, I want to do it right. I am convinced these two individuals will help me achieve my wildest of dreams and goals in the fitness industry!



Ab check! Clearly the lighting in my bedroom is magical.

Today I said farewell to flexible dieting (IIFYM) for good. Team EDGE implements meal plans, instead. I’m still eating 6 meals a day approximately 2.5-3 hours apart and drinking my usual gallon
of water, but my diet is much cleaner now. The days of, “How many Oreo’s can I fit in my macro’s tonight?” are a thing of the past. Some people might thing I’m bat shit cray for switching from flexible dieting to a clean meal plan, but I think the structure will help with my sugar addiction and binge tendencies. I’m one of those people where if I have a little bit of sugar, my body craves more and more – leading to an all out binge episode. I’m hoping (actually, let’s be real, I’m praying) that by cutting out all processed sugars that my body won’t crave it anymore.


I only have so much to update you all on now considering its Day 1 of this new journey. I can only imagine that I’ll have plenty to share by next Friday!





Age: 20

Height: 5’ 5 ¾”

Weight: 127.6 lbs



Chest: 36 in

Waist: 27 in

Hips: 35.5 in

Bicep: 10.5 in

Quad: 20.75 in

Shoulder: 15.5 in



Fat: 19.5% (24.843 lbs)

Fat Free Mass: 80.5% (102.766 lbs)

Body Mass/Weight: 127.609