Before You Begin: Are You Ready?

It’s plain to see that being a bikini competitor is almost the new norm. It’s become so popular over the past few years that bodybuilding competitions are turning into “bikini girl” shows. We are truly taking over – sometimes up to six open classes, with 20-25 girls per class at regional levels – and that’s not including Master’s or Junior divisions. The exponential growth of this sport is undeniable, and I can’t help but question how and why it’s growing the way it is.


I feel like everyone is either a competitor, training to be one, or is seriously considering giving it a shot. What people don’t realize is that prepping for a show is seriously TOUGH. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever mentally, emotionally, and physically done. If you’re not investing your energy into a prep for the right reasons, you’re probably wasting your time (and money). Before you decide to take the plunge, you need to objectively and realistically evaluate WHY you want to compete.


With that said, I highly recommend NOT competing if you simply want to “look good” and have a “stage body”. Because HELLO! Guess what? That “hot” body is yours for approximately one day. ONE. And before you know it, the show will be over, you’ll enjoy a few post-show cheat meals and then those chiseled abs and veins will disappear. You have to come into a prep with more of a purpose – or else you’re going to find excuse after excuse to give up and give in… Not to mention some serious potential post-show issues.


To compete, I truly believe you need to be sound with yourself. You have to be accepting and loving of your body – in all stages, in all its’ forms. If you haven’t found that yet, I recommend continuing to train, build that muscle, and work on YOU as an individual.


So when you think you’re ready to compete, be real with yourself. Are you ready? Are you actually ready for this rollercoaster? Are you ready for the mental and emotional battles you’re about to face? The self-control you’ll be forced to develop? The pressure you’ll put on yourself to succeed? Are you ready for the constant second-guessing? The doubt? Are you ready to commit your time and energy for months on end for ONE day? For 30 seconds on a stage? To be judged solely on your appearance? Are you ready to climb mountains and dig ditches to better yourself on every level?


Think about your “why”. Find it. Search for it, and make sure it’s good. Decide if competing is right for you for where YOU are in your life. It’s not for everyone. But when you decide to take that leap of faith, make it thru your first prep to the stage, and feel the hot lights beaming down on you – you’ll understand that “why” matters so much.



Sooooo, Katelyn. Why do YOU compete?


 Two major reasons.


Lots of people don’t know this, but I actually started competing because of my mom. She had competed in her first show, NPC Northstar 2014, and it was my first competition experience. I knew nothing about it. All my mom ever talked about was how much this journey changed her. How much she learned about herself through bodybuilding. How she overcame so many mental demons and emotional walls. She became a brand new, totally “in-touch” person… She not only transformed her body, but she transformed herself. I wanted to experience the same thing. I wanted to feel and understand what she was talking about. I wanted to become a better person. I wanted to be able to understand my brain, my emotions, and my body – just like she did.


Second, I grew up as very competitive dancer. I trained 7 days a week and competed since I was 9 years old. Quite frankly, I missed the stage. I missed having a goal to work towards. I missed competing. I needed something to be an “outlet” for the competitive side of my personality. Something to push me. Bodybuilding does just that in my life!


Thanks for reading. Look for my next “Before You Begin” post soon!