NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 19 Weeks Out


Day 7








I survived my first week with Team EDGE! Holy wow, is it an adjustment. It’s turned out to be so different than what I’m used to, but overall – I’m loving it.


My first grocery haul of 2016 prep!

The biggest difference between “before” and “after” is the nutrition aspect. Not only the nutritional value of the food itself, but also the amount of food. I’m eating almost 400 more calories every single day than with my previous coach. Now most people wouldn’t consider 400 calories to be “that” much, but when you’ve been on crazy low macros for months and months on end, 400 calories of clean, nutrient-dense food is the equivalent to heaven on earth. It’s enough to make me feel full, satisfied, and energized to get through my workouts – something I couldn’t say in the past.


My favorite! Recipe is amazing – shoutout to my beautiful bikini babe Krisi Fenner (@kfen_fit) for the how-to.

In the past week, SO many people have approached me as I eat my cold meal out of Ziploc baggies saying things like, “Don’t you get tired of that everyday?”, or “Wow, I could never eat like that.”, and all I can say is that it’s what I choose to do to help me achieve my goals. I don’t think my meal plan is boring or “ridiculous” (yes, I got that this week) – I truly enjoy my chicken, sweet potatoes, and rice cakes. Side note: will I be saying this in 1-2 months? Probs not.

My sugar cravings are definitely still existent, but they’re manageable enough to say “no” and go to bed. This meal plan has NO bread (insert sad face here) and NO dairy, with no added salt/sugar. I’m hoping that with more time without these things, my body won’t want them.

With my new plan, I weight train and do cardio 6 days/week. My lifts alone take me between 1.25-2 hours. It’s a lot. It’s rigorous, it’s intense, and it’s hella hard.  I have 3 lower body days and 3 upper body days… Safe to say my upper body days are my favorite!

This week, I lost 2.8 pounds.




My first cardio session… done!


On my legs/plyo day, I was working out with my mom at the Red Wing Anytime Fitness. This was literally TWO days into plan, and I broke down into a puddle of tears in the middle of the gym because God knows why. Now this wasn’t just a few “brush ’em off” kind of tears, this was a full-blown heaving sob.  I think I just wasn’t mentally in the right place/didn’t expect it to be as crazy hard as it was/didn’t lift at my usual time/excuses in my head. So (of course), my mom walks in on me crying after I had already tried to isolate myself from any other human presence that could potentially witness this fiasco… Yeah, I was pretty embarrassed and I asked her to leave. I told her I didn’t want comfort. Mom being mom, she walked over to me anyways and put her hands on my shoulders. She looked me at and reminded me of my goals. My dreams. The empire I want to create. The physique I want to build. She reminded me that it’s not going to be easy… that I’m going to struggle, and cry, and want to give up… but those struggles are bringing me THAT much closer to where I want to be someday. She reminded me that I had to keep going. That I had it in me. That she believed in me and loved me.

She let me be to finish my lift. I did finish it. Did I cry through it? You bet. And of course, in my head all I’m thinking is, “Great Katelyn, Day 2 and you’re already losing your shit.” But I think I really needed to break down and hear what my mom had to say to get me back in the right mindset. Nothing comes easy in this sport, and nothing is handed to you. You have to put in the time, the blood, sweat, and tears to get to where you want to be, and this first prep experience was just the wake-up call I needed.