NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 18 Weeks Out









If I had a word to describe this week, it would be “different”. Everything was just different. Prep, work, and now COLLEGE are all a big part of my life equation.


New Lulu outfit from the outlet mall in Albertville – so cute and so cheap! S/O to the Monticello AF.

Yup, you guessed it. My last semester until I receive my AS degree in Exercise and Sport Science. I’m on two different campus’ 4 days/week – an added stressor that I didn’t previously have to worry about.  Not to mention the 1.25 hour commute on top of that. Basically, every single day from here on out, I’ll be leaving my house at 6:15am and not getting home every night until approximately 10pm. Could it be worse? Um, yeah, absolutely. But for me personally, it is a HUGE change. It has definitely gotten the best of me this week with lots of tears, emotions, and 3+ Starbuck’s coffee’s per day! I just need to adjust to my schedule, plan ahead, and prioritize the best I can.

On Saturday, I had a late family Christmas. It was so nice to see my relatives and my cousins. I am so lucky and so blessed to have a family that is supportive of my goals without questioning or guilt tripping me. I really enjoyed my time with them.


Christmas gifts – Six Pack Fitness Renee Tote, PE Science Select Snickerdoodle protein, and some sweet potatoes! HA!


Christmas dinner. Definitely not what the rest of my family was eating, but I think my food actually looked pretty good.












Wednesday, January 13:  Well, somehow, someway, I’m gaining the weight back. I don’t know why. I’m following my plan, not missing any cardio sessions or lifts, and I’m always bloated. I look waterlogged. I look like I’m moving backwards. I’ve noticed this “weight gain” trend the past couple of days  now, but now it’s ridiculously noticeable. I’m frustrated with my body and sad that it’s not responding how I want it to. I’m supposed to send my check-in pictures to Ingrid and Joe today, and honestly, it’s the LAST thing I want to do. I don’t want them to think I’m not following their plan or working hard – cause I am. Why why why.


Wednesday, January 13th at approx. 6:30am


Thursday, January 14:  My body is weird. I don’t get it. Somehow I have abs again and flippin’ YESTERDAY I looked fluffier than ever before. Like… what? How?  Obviously not complaining, but I really am curious as to why my body is responding this way.


Thursday, January 14th at approx 2:20pm after my workout.


Friday, January 15: My body is “back to normal” (what the heck is normal, anyways?) . Now that I’m actually thinking about it, I feel like the change in my sleep schedule, stress, lack of sleep, etc. probably had a pretty big effect on why my body was acting up. I’m hoping that’s the case at least. Otherwise, I have no idea.


Friday, January 15th at approx 10am


Friday morning in my super clean bathroom……. Sorry y’all.