NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 8 Weeks Out

IMG_5083Three months in, two months to go! Hard to believe I’m over the half way hump and 8 weeks away from stepping on stage. I want it to be tomorrow, but at the same time I want to keep living out this process because I enjoy it so much.

New lifts from coach this week, but STILL no changes in my nutrition. Upper body and lower body lifts changed, but my cardio and sprints/jump ropes have stayed the same. My new leg day (specifically Thursday) is so, so, so hard. Crazy amount of lunges and lunge variations and it seriously kicks my butt! I haven’t had any nutrition adjustments for maybe 6-7 weeks now, and it’s causing me a little anxiety. I’m waiting to hear from Joe hopefully today or tomorrow from my check-in and I did ask him when I could anticipate a drop in calories. I try really hard not to ask questions like that too often (if at all) because I feel like it makes it seem like I don’t trust him and what he’s doing. I’m just getting really anxious, I guess. My last prep I was much leaner at this point and I was eating much less food and I don’t really know what to expect right now. I’m someone who likes structure, routine, and knowing the “plan”. And when all I have is the unknown, it’s a little scary for someone like me. I’m trying my hardest to let go of control and let Joe and Ingrid take care of me.  IMG_5148

My order from came in the mail! If you go back to my last post, I mentioned that my mom gave me a $100 e-giftcard. I ended up buying another canister of PE Science Select Protein in snickerdoodle, PE Science High Volume, and two jars of Sweet Spreads coconut butter! They also sent me a magazine and a few protein samples that I’m looking forward to trying. I had tried a sample of the High Volume previously and I honestly didn’t like it. I thought it was thick and viscous and the flavor was just not great (blue raspberry)… I felt like devil’s advocate since everyone and their mother is obsessed with PES products. So basically, I ordered it in another flavor (cotton candy) and decided to give it another shot. As much as I didn’t like the taste, it did give me a great pump and I think that’s mostly why I decided to purchase it.  I’ve been using it for the past couple of days now and I’ve been “power dumping” (powder straight to the mouth) so the taste is pretty much gone before it’s even there.

The best part of this week, besides it being spring break, is that I got to go up to Fargo with my mom to watch the NPC Upper Midwest bodybuilding competition. It’s the first show of the season in my region and there was no way I was going to miss it. I was already motivated and excited to get on stage, but being in the audience and watching my friends up there made me crave it even more. Obviously I packed all my food for two days and hit my training and nutrition spot on while I was traveling – which always is a little difficult. My mom and I trained at the Anytime Fitness in West Fargo in between shows and the gym up there was really amazing. So big, so much equipment… It was definitely both of our favorite Anytime’s we’ve been to. We’ve been to a lot all over the country and this one tops the list! To make the weekend even better, I ran into some friends that I met at my first shows in the fall. Catching up my girls was so nice and I think I’m going to be seeing them again this weekend at the Gopher! This community is so awesome and I love being apart of it. IMG_5007