NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 6 Weeks Out













Time for a change-up from coach! Super small and seemingly insignificant, but I’m so thrilled to say that it was exactly what I needed to push thru my 3 week plateau! I’m seeing changes and I’m letting go of some of the weight I was holding onto in my upper body. My core and legs haven’t leaned out yet, but just knowing that my body is changing again is enough for me! The adjustments Joe made are pretty small… Post-work out I used to have 2/3 cup of rice with my fish and asparagus and it got taken down to 1/2 cup. That’s the only nutritional change I’ve had in a long time and to be honest, I can’t even tell the difference! I also had 30 minutes of fasted cardio added to my Wednesday workout regimen and 5 minutes added (20 minutes total) added to the end of my plyo day on Thursdays.  Safe to say it’s getting real when Joe tells you to take a fat burner in the AM every day and asks for your weight at your next check-in, AND says he wants you to start running for all your cardio… He NEVER has asked for my weight before. He’s actually told me to stay off the scale up until this point, which I’m so grateful for.



Here is what my workout regimen looks like at 6 weeks out:

Monday: Back/Shoulders; 30 min cardio, sprints

Tuesday: 30 min fasted cardio, glutes/hamstrings, 15 min cardio

Wednesday: 30 min fasted cardio, upper body, 30 min cardio, sprints

Thursday: 30 min fasted cardio, plyos, 20 min cardio

Friday: REST

Saturday: 30 min fasted cardio, upper body, sprints, 30 min cardio

Sunday: 30 min fasted cardio, glutes, 30 min cardio

Yeah, I’m aware it’s a “lot” of cardio. But I’m being very well taken care of in terms of food intake. I’m cutting very slowly, while still eating around 1,600 calories a day… I don’t know my exact intake or macronutrient counts because I follow a meal plan.  Anyways… Been hitting my nutrition really strong and I can imagine that that consistency is also playing a role in my progress.


This weekend is my dancer’s first full-studio dance competition of the season! I’m super stressed and anxious about it… I’ll be staying in a hotel from Friday thru Monday with a packed schedule during the day.. AKA no time to get my workouts in. BUT… I’ll be making it work no matter. My plan is to have everything set and good to go by Thursday evening and shifting my workouts a day up to have my rest day on Sunday since I’ll be working 17 hour days…  But it shouldn’t be too shabby since Greg is coming on Friday and Saturday to support me and my kids. Please say a prayer for me and my dancers as we begin the 2016 competition season!