NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || 1 Week Out


According to the countdown app on my iPhone, there are 7 days, 17 hours, 42 minutes and 50 seconds until pre-judging begins at M3. In a little over 7 days, all of these struggles and sacrifices will be worth it. All the late workouts, hungry nights, mental battles, and emotional trip-ups will find their purpose on that stage under the lights. I am more motivated than ever to not only bring the best body to the stage, but also the best posing, presentation, and personality. Out of the physiques I’ve seen on social media, this isn’t going to be an easy show… Out of this world delts, crazy degree’s of leanness, kick ass glutes… To be totally honest, I’m nervous. I want the overall at this show and I’m going to go in making the judges believe I couldn’t be more confident. I will own the stage with poise and grace. I will present the best package. I will look so good that they won’t be able to pick anyone else. Focus. Determination. Tunnel vision.



Things are coming into place slowly. I placed a few orders earlier this week for things I needed – some are here, some aren’t. I’ll be patient. I’m waiting on my new jewelry from All That Glitters Gems and some Muscle Frosting from You Fresh Naturals. The frosting has pretty similar macros to peanut butter, so not only do I plan on devouring it post show, but I also plan on working it into my weekly diet.  I ordered new pre-workout from and I literally got it within a day… Their custom service is unreal and I will always be a customer of theirs. I use 360Cut RAGE for my pre-workout… This time I got the raspberry lemonade, but I tend to stick with Maui Orange. They are both great, to be honest, but I think I like the orange flavor a little bit better! I also take PEScience High Volume in Cotton Candy, but it’s gone. I should probably take care of that, but it’s not a priority for me right now. I know I shouldn’t have, but I also ordered a half-pint of Unbaked Bar cookie dough. You guys… If you haven’t given this stuff a try, you really should. It’s unreal. This young girl owns the company (probably my age) and she makes it out of her kitchen. I’ve ordered from her maybe 5 times and I’m NEVER disappointed. I got cake batter dough with rainbow sprinkles and Twix… Way too stoked to try it.


The most exciting purchase/delivery of this week was my ICON Meals! I ordered them on Saturday to have them delivered today (the 13th). That way I can have the food in the freezer and ready for whenever I might need it. ICON Meals is a food prep service out of Texas. I gotta say, it’s insanely expensive, but the convenience is worth it in my opinion. I ordered 4 pounds of tilapia, 3 pounds of chicken, and 7 other meals for the weekend! Those other meals are for Carrie and I both (she is coming with me to the show). She wanted S’more’s protein cakeballs, lasagna, and protein pizza. I got the cake balls as well, but got protein PB&J, birthday cake pancakes, and a custom breakfast meal with eggs, bacon, and pancakes! All the food was delivered to my door and overnighted. I paid about $100.00 for the food, and $45 for shipping…. Can’t lie, that shipping price really sucks, but ordering my protein for week will make peak week so much easier. I’ll let you guys know how things taste after Carrie and I try them!

I also made some appointments this week – getting a wax on Monday morning, my hair colored on Monday afternoon, and I’m probably going to get my nails done on Tuesday or Wednesday. The sooner the better, though! I’ll start my skin prep tomorrow.




This week has brought many battles, but I’m alive. There has been a lot of praying. A LOT. I have once again asked God to hold my hand thru this next week and guide me into the show without too many complications. One day I’ll be hungry AF, but have an awesome lift. The next my workout will be awful because I’m so tired, but I’m not hungry at all. I’m always tired. The fatigue is unreal. I have been drinking so much and depending on my Super HD caffeine/fat burner supplement to help me survive. I haven’t had any gum or artificial sweeteners since Sunday – so when I’m hungry, there isn’t much I can do about it. I can’t have any carbonation and I can’t chew gum. I just have to deal. This week has tested me in many ways. I’m just hoping that my adrenaline can carry me thru the next 7 without stealing my sanity.

Please send good vibes and thoughts my way. I appreciate the love the support.