NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness || SHOW DAY

*** This is going to be a FACTUAL recap… I’m not going to really discuss my mental state or mindset in this post. This is simply how my day went, as it went.***

***Photos are uploaded at the bottom of the post.***

May 21st, 2016… The NPC Milwaukee Muscle Madness in Waukesha, WI. This is what the last 20 weeks have come down to… Enjoy the recap of my day!


5:45am: Alarm. Finally. I woke up so many times through out the night, and honestly all I wanted was either to get up and just “do it” or be able to get more than 45 minutes of sleep without being wide awake at a moment’s notice later. I was awake pretty regularly until about 2am, and after that I fell asleep for good. I obviously had my pre-show nightmare… I always have them before show day! My dream for this show was that pre-judging was starting and that I couldn’t find ANYWHERE to park! I was missing pre-judging, sitting in my car, because I couldn’t park in the ramp, on the road, in the lot… No where. But then I woke up and realized I was totally fine.


6:00am: I woke up pretty quickly and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and assess the damage of sleeping in my tan. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too messed up! I headed downstairs for my third coat of tan. It was first come, first serve and I was in and out pretty quickly.


6:30am: I made my way back up to my room and I pulled out my first meal… 1/2 cup of dry oats. I found a coffee mug and a plastic spoon and chewed my oats as I got everything set for the day. I straightened my hair, and put my extensions in now simply because I’m obnoxiously anxious about everything on these kinds of days. I finished my hair (which I couldn’t be happier with) and then I started to pack up my show-day suitcase.


7:45am: Make up time with Megan! I dropped down a floor to Megan’s room and when I walked in, I was in awe. She had her entire room transformed into a beauty studio – it was unreal! “Natural” make-up lights, make up everywhere, hair irons whirling… It was a cool environment. I recommend Megan up and down for makeup. I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life! She did my makeup for MY features and what looked good on my eye shape and bone structure.


8:45am: Carrie and I left our hotel room to head to the venue. It was just down the road and took about 5 minutes to get there. It was a beautiful day… Seriously couldn’t have been better. We were asked to arrive at the venue by 9am for our meeting at 9:30am.


9:00am: Venue doors are open… The building is one giant room. Like a big dome. Think of a stadium for sports, but an auditorium with a stage. Our “dressing room” was on the upper level of this giant dome. No mirrors, no bathroom, just dark, concrete floors and walls… I picked a spot along the wall and sat down. I pulled out my second meal – two rice cakes and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and I ate alone. Girls were buzzing around me, but I just minded my own business and ate my carbs. I waited for awhile until the promoters made their way up.


9:30am: Athlete meeting! The promoters and head judge made their way to the athlete lounge (a better word would be “dungeon”). They basically just gave us the low down and told us how things were going to be run. Typical competition reminders and show day stuff that I already knew.


9:45am: All bikini competitors had to get their suits checked. We went downstairs and back stage to be “inspected”. They spilt us up into our classes and then we had to strip down to our suits, stand in a straight line, and have our “pre” pre-judging with the head judge and main promoter. I was worried about the back of my suit, but no one said anything.


10:00am: The show begins! I hung out in the dungeon and ate some sweet potatoes and rice cakes until it was time to pump up. The show was really small – so pre-judging went incredibly fast. I was maybe waiting for 45-60 minutes until I had to head downstairs to get ready. I remember waiting and feeling thirsty. I hadn’t had any water yet.  I took out my number ( I was competitor #90) and pinned it onto the left side of my suit bottoms. Go time.


11:15am: I head downstairs to the backstage area with my resistance band to pump up. I primarily focus on my shoulders, biceps, and glute/ham area… Not a full workout by any means, but just enough to get my blood moving. Girls were lining up to have their suits glued and get glazed. Butttttt, the “glaze” wasn’t glaze and it was actually PAM spray. Not just regular PAM spray, but BUTTER FLAVORED. I’m sorry – but I was not about to let someone spray me with that. No way. I also didn’t get my suit glued due to a bad experience at my first show. I was in Bikini C – which made me the 2nd to last class to step on stage. There was 7 girls in my class… Small, but not the smallest. The expeditors had us all lined up in numerical order and I ended up being in the middle – which I was very pleased with.


11:30am: My class was announced and we all filed onstage. At this show, we didn’t get to do our routines…. Only comparisons. It stressed me out a little knowing that I couldn’t use my posing and sass to my advantage with the routine, but I tried to not let it get to me. The head judge had us do a few turn arounds and he started moving girls. One adjustment… More comparisons. Another adjustment… More comparisons. None involving me. I stayed center the entire time I was onstage and didn’t move. Success. Exactly what I wanted. No first call outs were made – there was no need.


11:45am: I found Carrie downstairs and we headed back out to the car. I took a small sip of water after I stepped off stage and texted Joe to let him know that I was center the whole time and that things were looking good. He was happy. He told me to eat 4 oz of chicken and 4 oz of sweet potato with 1 tablespoon of PB and then have 2 rice cakes and another tbsp about 1.5 hours later. We got back to the hotel and relaxed. By this time, I was really thirsty. Like really, really thirsty. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I tried to do anything to keep my mind off of how thirsty I was. Carrie passed out, and I turned on the Food Network and tried to distract myself until I had to be back to the venue at about 4:15pm. Carrie’s back injury was really bothering her so she stayed back during finals.


4:15pm: Another athlete meeting and more waiting. More thirst. I laid back on my blanket, kicked my feet up, and tried to relax. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was sweating, I had hot flashes, and I felt so ill. I was so thirsty and I was absolutely miserable. MISERABLE. I was counting down the minutes until I would step off stage and have water. All I wanted was for the day to be over.


5:00pm: Finals begins. Still feeling ill. Still waiting for it all to be over.


7:45pm: Time to go… I took a few rice cakes and PB with me downstairs to carb up and tried to shut out all the negative thoughts I was feeling. I was excited to be on stage because I was hoping I would do well, but all I could do is focus on water. Water, water, water… The dizziness came and went throughout the next half hour as I pumped up again and waited to step on stage. I prayed that God would give me strength to get thru this.


8:00pm: We lined back up. This time, we were introduced to the judges and audience one by one and we got to do our actual routines for the night show. I heard my name, I walked on, and did my routine how I practiced it and lined up on the side. I prayed. The judges asked us to leave the stage so they could announce the top 5 athletes in our class. I huddled near the stage door hopeful to hear my name… #86, #87, #88… I was getting anxious. Only two numbers left… #90… Bingo. I took a deep breath and headed back out to the diagonal. I hit my poses and waited. They announced fifth, fourth, third… I’m still there. It’s either me or Tiffany Jeske (a beautiful competitor that I knew was my biggest competition). He announced that second place was from Wisconsin and the realization that I was the only one left dawned on me. I did it. I took first place in Bikini Class C at the NPC M3 2016. I was proud. I walked offstage and prepared myself for the overall. I tried to shake my nerves and I started to pray.

Now, I didn’t pray to win. I didn’t ask God to help me win, to be the best, to win the overall… I didn’t have to. I believe in his timing and I know that if I won or didn’t that it was going to happen exactly how he meant it to. I prayed for him to help me do my best, and shine my brightest… To let all my hard work and sacrifice show on stage. I thanked him for the body I have that allows me to do this, for the opportunity to be there, for the health, finances, and ability to train. No matter what happens, I am blessed. I prayed for at least 3-4 minutes in the middle of the room before I went on stage.

The class winners from A, B, C and D lined up and we headed back on. We didn’t do our routines this time. We went straight to the line to do comparisons. No one was moved and no adjustments were made. We moved over to the diagonal and waited for the judges to make their decision. God held my hand and stood beside me as I waited. For overall, they don’t announce placements, just the winner, and as much as I wanted it to be, it wasn’t me. I didn’t win. And as much as I wanted that overall title, as much as I wanted to win, as much as I feel I deserved to win, I didn’t. And that’s okay. It wasn’t my turn to win, but I will keep trying until it is.


8:15pm: Happiness. Pride. CAKE BALLS! A little disappointment if I’m being honest. But I had won 1st, and that in itself is bomb and I’m totally stoked about it.  First thing I did was grab my trophy and two chocolate cake balls that the promoters made the athletes backstage. Those two bites were phenomenal. I headed back upstairs to gather my things and all of sudden it hit me… WATER. I chugged two shaker cups of water. Probably not my best idea to shock my body with all the water, but I couldn’t help it.  I grabbed my things and headed to my car. Once there, the first thing I did was update my SnapChat followers (katie_kinzzz) and then I dove into my half pint of cake batter cookie dough from Unbaked Bar. I sat there and ate the whole thing and just tried to take everything in. It was delicious. I drank more water and headed back to the hotel to pick up Carrie so we could head into the city to get our post-show meal! PIZZA!


8:45pm: We picked a fun little pizza place in downtown Milwaukee that was about a half hour away. On the way there, I was snacking on some Oreos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and an Almond Joy… YUP time to slow down, Katelyn. We got to the restaurant and it was small and pretty busy… I got some interesting stares. I ordered one slice of pepperoni pizza and some loaded garlic bread. I took 3 bites and instantly felt ill. I went to the bathroom, and (TMI, I know… I’m warning you now) my pee was a lime green color. This scared me. I came back out and the stomach cramps were still pretty severe. I’m pretty positive this is from all the sweets I ate before hand. My body was basically in shock. Carrie got us some to-go containers and we took the pizza with us back to the hotel so I could eat it and enjoy it when I felt a little bit better.


10:00pm: My body wasn’t feeling so angry with me, so I ate the rest of the pizza. I didn’t really care for the garlic bread, so I had one little square and then left the rest of it. After the pizza, I had one cookie… but that plus the pizza sent me into a spiral of stomach pain again so I called it a night.


11:00pm: Lights out. I was full, and hydrated (not really) and happy. I slept incredibly well and fell asleep feeling amazing.


I hope you enjoyed this post… Thanks for sticking with me thru my entire prep. 🙂


Tory V hair! I put them in and did my hair myself.


The view of the stage from the athlete dungeon


This girl was so sweet. She came up to me and asked for a picture.


Before pre-judging!


Before finals! Looking fuller and tighter.


Before finals.


Before finals. Check in’s with coach.


Kyleen and I backstage! She is so sweet.


Make up by Megan Melone. I couldn’t be happier. So perfect!


On the diagonal in Bikini C


Comparisons in Bikini C


Accepting my first place trophy!


Overall comparisons!


Overall comparisons on the diagonal. The girl right in front of me won the overall!

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