NPC MN State Championships || 1 Week Out


The picture I received dozens of hate comments on for being “anorexic” and “disgusting”.

It hasn’t set in yet that I’m about to start my fourth peak week of my bodybuilding career. These 5 weeks between shows are flying by – and mentally, I’m not “there” yet. I’m not nervous yet. I’m not in that “zone” yet. I’ve been working my butt off in the gym and killing my cardio sessions, but something still feels off. I’m hoping to kick this feeling during my upcoming peak week and just enjoy the week leading up to my show.

I survived recital weekend. That’s all I really have to say about that. It was long, and hard, and my body/mind hated me for it… But I did it, and it’s done. Now I have a few weeks off to really focus on the rest of my prep, which I’m actually really looking forward to! Sunday was the most amazing sloth day ever… I had no responsibilities except gym, gym, and gym. I think I did a total of 3 sessions just because I could! It was so nice to not feel rushed and like I needed to hurry up to get somewhere in time. I was relaxed and focused- something I haven’t felt in awhile with the crazy past week.


Posing practice!

Overall, this week has been really chill. I needed it, though. Monday I had to work registration a few hours, but Tuesday and Wednesday were mine for the taking. I woke up when I wanted to, ate when I wanted, lifted when I wanted… It was so nice and refreshing. Thursday was so much fun! I woke up and headed to the cities to spend the day with Tori.. We are both entering our peak weeks and we decided to order from ICON Meals to prep our food! I ordered 6 pounds of chicken, 3 pounds of sweet potato mash, 9 cups of white rice, 3 protein PB&J’s, 3 red velvet cake balls,  a protein pizza, and a few custom meals of tilapia and green beans. I was so pleased with my order during my first peak week that I couldn’t help but order from them again. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I recommend 10/10. It is expensive – but worth it. Taking the stress out of prepping food for the week makes a huge difference. After we ordered our food, Tori had her suit fitting! We drove to Coon Rapids to meet Jay up at Perfect Fit Gear and her suit seriously is so perfect for her. I love it, and I think she does too. I can’t wait for her to get all done up and have that first show day experience… I’ll never forget mine! Next on the agenda was lift/cardio and we drove to Minneapolis to lift at Los. I hit legs and Tori had back and shoulders… I was doing my daily RDL’s and I went forward a little too far and pushed my weight back in heels too much and strained my left hammy. I was worried because it hurt it to walk, but I iced it and made sure to rest… I told coach and he made me sit out on the rest of my cardio. After our lift, we went to Anytime to pose. I love Tori and getting to spend the day with her was awesome! Only thing missing in my life this week was Carrie! She is on a major road trip with another friend and she is eating some of the most bomb foods in the country… I’m so jealous but so happy she is enjoying herself. I can’t wait to see her when she gets home.


Working hard for this conditioning…


The most delicious meal of all time.

I will be the first to admit that Friday was the most ultimate, amazing sloth day known to man. I weighed in at an all time low (yeah, like lower than my 15 year old self) of 114.2 pounds. Not only was it my rest day, but I was also rewarded with a CHEAT MEAL! Rest day and cheat day? What?? At 1 week out? On what planet?? Yup… this one. I was one happy girl. I sent pictures to coach and basically I was flat and depleted as a pancake… I really needed to start filling out. So I ordered pizza from Red Savoy’s for my brother and I… Garlic pizza fries (amazing), a basic pepperoni pizza (unreal), and a cookie bake (you already know)… The first bite was out of this world. I was so ecstatic. Zach was making fun of me for how much I was obsessing over a square of pizza. I enjoyed every single bite and stopped when I was full. I am SO proud to say that this was the 3rd cheat meal I have had during my prep, but the FIRST time I haven’t gotten violently ill afterwards. I’ve definitely learned my lesson in terms of overeating and I made sure to not do it again. This was probably my biggest non-scale victory of my entire prep thus far. I’m incredibly pleased with myself.

Tomorrow starts my peak protocols. I can’t wait. I’ll keep you all updated. Thank you for the support.

One more thing I want to mention that I’m editing in right now that I somehow forgot about…. People can be cruel. Really cruel. I posted a transformation picture on my Instagram (@kr_fitnessfiasco) and I swear to God I broke the internet. I had dozens upon dozens of hate comments on my photo with things ranging from “anorexic”, “ugly”, “this can’t be healthy”,  “you’re sick in the head”, “get some help”, “disgusting” and even full blown conversations in different languages talking poorly about me and my body. As much as these unsolicited opinions “didn’t matter” from strangers, they still hurt. I am so proud of my body and what I’ve accomplished. It’s taken me a long, long time to get where I am. I have so much pride in where I’m at today… and to receive so much negativity was really tough. I know I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and I know not every one is going to support me… but it still hurt. S/O to all my beautiful friends who stuck up for me on that photo and to the one and only Heidi Somers (Buff Bunny!) who even chimed in to say her thoughts. I’m grateful for the love. Thank you.





One week out check in photo’s BEFORE the pizza filled me out!




Posing practice with Tori