NPC MN State Championships || SHOW DAY

4:45am: Alarm has sounded…. I surprisingly slept well. For the first time, I didn’t have a “pre-show” nightmare. I ALWAYS have crazy dreams the night before a show, but I slept heavy. I pulled myself out of bed and the first thing I did was take photos and send them to Red. I brushed my teeth, straightened my hair, and headed over to the host hotel for my last coat of tan.


5:15am: I left my hotel and drove the 15 minutes to the host. This final coat of tan is different than the first two – it’s more topical and much, much darker. If I get ANY water (or pee) on this coat of tan, I’m screwed. It went decently fast, but again, Kirsten had to hand buff me to make sure my tan stuck to my skin.


6:00am: After my tan, I headed back to my hotel to put in my extensions and eat. While I was driving back, the sun was just coming up. I was blinding me as I was driving. I couldn’t even see the stoplights it was so bright… It was really strange, but something in me told me to pray. So I did. I prayed out loud to myself in the car with the sunrise blaring in my face. I thanked God for the opportunities he’s given me, and I asked him for guidance, grace, confidence, and peace on stage. It was the first time I have ever prayed out loud. It was really special to me.

6:15am: Meal number 1…. I had 3 slices of toast with butter, 4 eggs, and 2 turkey sausage patties to fill me out. This was just the beginning of the delicious amazing food I was about to eat. After I ate, I put in muh weave and waited a few minutes to take photos again (post-meal) and send them to Red. I gathered up and packed away everything that I needed for the day and had about 20 minutes to relax and gather my thoughts for the day.

7:00am: My make up appointment is at yet another hotel across the highway. I hired Grace Witthuhn to do my make up for this show. I got there early (because if I didn’t, am I even Katelyn anymore?) and we got started right away.

7:30am: I got up to the hotel room and it was Grace and a couple of her friends. She used an airbrush kind of foundation on me, a dark smokey eye, and long thin lashes. We used a deep berry lip like last time, too! It was a very casual experience… The F bomb being thrown around often and it was like we were all just hanging out. It was different.

8:20am: I got to the venue and Tori and I headed to the athlete meeting. It was a typical athlete meeting. “Be nice to eachother”, “Don’t bend over”, “Don’t touch the walls”, blah blah blah blah…. I’m not going to attend the meeting later before finals. No point.

8:30am: After the meeting, we headed back to the dressing room. It’s small. There are TONS of mirrors and TONS of outlets, but NOT a lot of space. One girl was a little catty. You could barely move and it was a frustrating experience trying to get settled in. I got everything set and good to go and I ate a rice cake with PB&J to keep my muscles full.


9:00am: Pre-judging starts and the waiting game begins. All we can do is hang out and try to relax and stay calm. I had my stuff around Melissa, Kailey, Tori, and Marie and we just did weird backstage bikini girl stuff… AKA absolutely nothing but complain about how gross we feel, how hungry we are, and how bored we felt. Kim sent me a text a said she was out in the lobby and had donuts for Tori and I… We were obviously all about that, ha! She drove all the way down from Ely to watch us compete. She has been there for me since day one. We did our first competition together last fall… She is so supportive and it made me so happy to have her there cheering me on! She took a bunch of pictures and videos – and in true “Kim” fashion, she was cheering her ass off for me. My mom came too – just in time to see me on stage! She wasn’t planning on coming to pre-judging, but after some family things happened, she made it a priority to see me up on stage. And one of the favorite parts of my morning…. CARRIE IS HOME!!!!  I hadn’t seen her in ages since she was on her road trip. She came to watch me and cheer me on this morning. It was such a breath of fresh air to have her with me and I instantly felt a weight off my shoulders. She puts me at ease. All of a sudden she pulls out this huge bag of treats…. Not just one treat, A WHOLE FREAKIN’ BAG! She brought me a Snickers caramel apple (yes that is a thing), a pint of S’mores cookie dough from Unbaked, and three cookies the size of my face. A chocolate chip, a peanut butter chocolate, and a sugar cookie with sprinkles… This girl seriously knows the way to my heart (and my stomach)! I honestly can’t say enough about this woman… She’s so caring and really is an awesome friend. She even brought Tori a caramel apple – they only met once!

11:00am: Tom came into our dressing room and called for the open bikini girls. Time to pump up! We all slipped on our heels and walked backstage. I got my tan touched up and tried to focus and stay positive. I wasn’t feeling very good about how I was looking, to be honest. I felt self conscious, BUT I tried to not let me self doubt and nerves show. I wanted to get out of that mindset but it was challenging for me.


11:30am: There were 13 athletes ( I think) in Bikini C and we were split into 2 groups. We were on stage for a LONG time, and while I was out there, I started getting a really bad headache. I was posing, and squeezing, and trying to breathe, and my head was just pounding. At the time, I was really confused as to why my head hurt so bad. Dehydration? No…. I had been drinking plenty of water. I tried to ignore it and focus on my posing. I got first call outs, but I immediately moved to the end of 7 girls. I was barely in my front pose before the head judge moved me. It was disappointing, and I was slightly emotional… but my mom and Carrie talked me thru it.


12:00pm: Sooooo… If pre-judging is over… and I have to eat a meal… that must mean IT’S BURGER TIME!!! I drove to Kona Grill and picked up my cheeseburger sliders and sweet potato fries. I also grabbed my post-finals sushi. I sat in the parking lot and devoured and savored the living crap outta that meal. It was so delicious… My headache was getting worse and worse, but I still was trying to ignore it. Wasn’t working unfortunately.


1:00pm: I got back to my hotel and I laid down to try and “rest” my head ache away. It was pounding. I could barely lift my head off the pillow. I was miserable… All of a sudden, I figured it out… Caffeine. I hadn’t had ANY yet today. Usually, I have coffee, energy drinks, and fat burners that all have caffeine in them to help me get thru my day… I needed caffeine and I needed it now. I called down to the front desk at my hotel and asked if they had any coffee in the lobby and they said no (WTF???). I started to cry. I completely destroyed my make up. I didn’t know what to do… I couldn’t get up. I didn’t have coffee, and I didn’t have my fat burners with me. Carrie and Tori both offered to bring me coffee, but then I realized there was pre-workout in the swag bag from the competition. I poured two packets of pre-workout into my shaker and sipped on it. I eventually felt better… Slowly, but eventually. I am still SO grateful that I found some relief. It was awful. I hung out all afternoon and watched TV.

5:00pm: Because my make up was a complete mess from crying, I had to fix it. I re-did my brows, added some highlight, and touched up my lashes, lips, and shadow. Much better… It was crazy humid outside and my hair wasn’t exactly straight anymore… I re-straightened my hair and just kinda pulled myself together again before I left. The athlete meeting was at 5:20, but I didn’t go. It gives me anxiety to be backstage for a long time when it’s so crowed (I am claustrophobic) so it only made sense for me to hang back.

6:15pm: I packed up my things again and left for the venue. Finals started at 6 – so it was a little weird to not even be there at all yet. The point of leaving late was to relieve myself from anxiety, but I ended up being anxious anyways because I wasn’t there. My headache was gone, my face and hair looked better, too. My hotel room? An absolutely disaster! After talking with my coach, we decided no more carbs until after I got off stage. The burger and fries filled me out enough… I even spilled over, I think. Coach won’t say that, though.


6:30pm: More hanging out and more waiting… I just didn’t feel confident. I was feeling insecure because I looked bloated and soft. Also, because I know I probably wasn’t going to place… Which just kinda sucked to be honest. Being on the end of 7 girls is not a good sign. I’m not expecting anything. I wish I felt confident, but I don’t… I’ve put so much time and effort in and I just am not satisfied with my physique or my placing. I was mentally at peace before I came to the venue. At intermission, I found my student, Rachel, and her mom and we took some photos! I also ran into my cousin, Sydney, who is super badass! She lifts at Los and when I say lift, I mean LIFT. She goes hard AF. I look up to her like crazy! Obviously I ran into Courtney and her mama, too… Courtney had gotten me and Tori little gifts. My friends are seriously so thoughtful! Gum, cute “food” socks, a white monster, and a delicious Lenny & Larry’s cookie! It’s the little things. My mom was there to support me as well.




8:30pm: For finals, you do your one front pose and then you go. Christine filled us in on this new set-up at the morning meeting. Intention was to have it save time – even though she show still ended up being about 3 hours. They announced the athletes for top 5, and to my surprise, I was included in the line up. I was called for 4th place.


9:00pm: Right after I got off stage, the girls in my class and I participated in the most amazing Oreo sampling party! I’m not even kidding – this girl literally was breaking Oreo’s in half and just feeding them to me! Every flavor! Except the Fruity Crisp ones… No one could find those and it was slightly depressing. My favorite’s were the blueberry pie and the s’mores. I was surprised with myself, but the key lime pie Oreo’s were pretty delicious too! Tori, Melissa, Kailey and I walked over to the other side of the dressing room and saw a pan (that someone left) of brownie looking bars. You guys…. These things were like crack. (Disclaimer: I wouldn’t know, but I can imagine.) They had brownie, Oreo, Reese’s, cookie dough, and some kind of chocolate pudding all. in. one. bite. I will hunt down the girl who made these. I will find her.





9:30pm: I made it back to my hotel room, which means I made it back to my sushi and post-show treats! My sushi was delicious and I scarfed it down a lot faster than I should have. I moved on the eat my Snicker’s caramel apple, the S’mores cookie dough, and I tried each of the cookies Carrie got me. So basically, I ate pretty much ALL of Carrie’s gift…. This wasn’t my best idea. I felt too full. Sick full.


10:30pm: Not only was I tired from being awake since 4am, but I was in a major carb coma. Even turning over in bed sent crazy pain through my body… I over ate and it was not pretty. I was basically up all night with stomach cramps, diarrhea… I woke up every couple hours in discomfort. At one point, I heaved over the toilet. I have to keep practicing self-control… I’m used to having to eat all my food, so when I’m not tracking or eating a free meal, I can’t decipher when to stop. I regret over eating, especially since I have a show in 2 weeks.