NPC Central USA’s || 1 Week Out

Sunday: I woke up today feeling incredibly sick, but hungry, which is weird because I ate the whole world last night… It was a strange combination. My stomach was PISSED at me, but wanted more… Like what? Why? Y U do dis to yourself? I woke up around 8am and cleaned up my hotel room… I couldn’t find a garbage can the past two days (it was in a cupboard) so I had garbage everywhere, my clothes all over the floor, and tan was scattered around the room on various surfaces. I packed up my things and headed out. Coach said I was allowed to have one “treat” (I don’t think he knew that I had had plenty already) so I stopped at Yoyo Donuts in Minnetonka and picked up 6 delicious donuts to bring home. They all obviously looked amazing so I had to take a nice bite out of each to decide which one I wanted. I got a vanilla/sprinkle long john, a Cocoa Puff cake donut, a weird pretzel looking thing, an apple fritter, a maple bacon long john, and a s’more’s cake donut. I went with the Maple Bacon long john. It legitimately had a complete slice of bacon on top of it and it was de-freakin-vine. Today was for rest and rest only – coach’s orders! No training today and after my treat, back to eating how I should. I got home and laid in bed and slothed for about 3 hours until I had to pull myself together and get ready for my shoot with Dustin and Melissa (mel_fitnspire). I really didn’t want to go. I looked awful. I felt awful. The last thing I wanted to do was get in front of a camera in a tiny bra and shorts and have my photos taken. I wanted to cry. But I sucked it, and went anyways. I ended up have an amazing time and I didn’t even look that bad. I would do it again in a heart beat!


Monday: Time to get back to business. Back on the macros and back in the gym – ready to SLAY. I did about an hour of cardio today and ended up with a killer shoulder pump during my lift. I decided to be really honest with my coach and tell him that I over ate on Saturday night. I ate way too much and I know it. My post-show self control is something that I need to practice because I always pay for it afterwards in some way or another. Red and I discussed options on how to “come back” from these mistakes and we decided to change up my macros. During peak week, I was sitting at 180p/120c/35f. Now, my macros are set at 150p/80c/50f. I’m not sure how my body will like/respond to these numbers, but it’s worth a shot. Plan is to “cut harder”. After my lift, I came back home and hung out for a bit. I still don’t feel well. I taught rehearsal from 5:30-8pm and my dancers made everything better. I missed them. I missed teaching.

Tuesday:  Today is the 2nd day back on track with my prep and the 2nd day of my new macros.  I’m eating about 200 calories less than what I’m used to, but my energy is still up. It’s just different… Feels a little weird to depend on fats to give me energy instead of carbs. I’m used to eating crazy amounts of volume, but with high fats and low carbs it’s difficult to do that. This morning I drove to the studio around 7am to get ready for filming Untapped – a dance documentary that is featuring JAMM and some other MN dance studios. It was surprisingly very cool and very fun and I even was interviewed by the producer. I got outta there earlier than expected, and then hit the gym for heavy legs and cardio. I did squats, RDL’s sissy squats, and cable deads… It felt really good, but I know I’ll be paying for it tomorrow (and potentially the next day, too). I have some ideas for meals tomorrow so I hit the grocery store to grab some produce. I have had to be a lot more creative with these lower carbs… Lots of veggies! My body is still holding quite a bit of water, but it’s improving slowly and my body is transitioning out of “WTF” mode.IMG_8687

Wednesday: You guys know those days where you’re super excited to wake up and eat because you have the most AMAZING food day planned??? Yup, that is me. That is so me. I woke up really early on my own… Like 6:30am. I was strangely production at this hour and ended up getting all my laundry done and some other adult-ish stuff that no one wants to ever do. But anyways… back to my food. Here’s what I ate today…

Meal 1: Omelette w/ 230g Eggbeaters, 1 oz spinach, 1.5 oz cherry tomatoes, 3 oz mushrooms, 2 servings of reduced-sugar ketchup.  28p/12f/15c 280cal

Meal 2:  Beef Fajita Stir Fry w/ 6 oz beef fajitas, 92g red pepper, 79g green pepper, and 40g white onion. 40p/8f/17c 296cal

Meal 3: Chicken & Veggies w/ 4 oz chicken, 200g zucchini, 86g mushroom, 1 Wholly Guac cup. 34p/9f/19c 284cal

Meal 4: Oats & Eggs w/ 20g quick oats, 2.5 servings Eggbeaters egg whites, 15g Maple Pancake coconut butter. 17p/16f/21c 278cal

Meal 5: Jell-O Parfait w/ 2 cups sugar-free strawberry Jell-O, 1 serving Cool Whip, 30g blueberries. 4p/2f/6c 82cal

Meal 6: Protein Ice Cream w/ 31g Snickerdoodle PES protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened cashew milk, 0.5tsp xanthan gum topped with Walden Farms caramel & chocolate sauce. 25p/4f/3c 140c

TOTAL MACROS: 149p/50f/81c  = 1,370 caloriesIMG_8708

I am the macro queen. I am also the volume queen because ain’t nobody want to be eating poverty macros… So I have had to get creative! I’m doing okay if you ask me. I’m really sore from my leg day yesterday, but since today is upper body I should be alright… not sure how I’m going to do legs again tomorrow considering how much my lower half hates me right now. My lift was awesome – I focused on heavy shoulders and bi’s/tri’s. It was a later lift for me, so I didn’t take any supplements or pre-workout because I didn’t want to be up all night. Crazy pump thought – which was exciting! After my lift, I posed for over an hour. I made some small adjustments and I feel better about it now… I saw footage of myself on stage from this past week and I honestly wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I presented my body. I know I can’t make any major changes in the next 1.5 weeks, but what I can work on is how I pose and how I create my shapes onstage. I can guarantee there WILL be improvements! My body is being stubborn after this past weekend, but I’m trying to be patient and give it time to respond.

Thursday: I legitimately cannot walk. I can’t. The DOMS is getting worse, and worse, and worse and I. can. not. walk. My Tuesday leg day kicked my butt (literally) and I’m paying for it. I was supposed to do legs again today, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it – I would have done more damage than good and I really don’t think I would have had as “good” of a leg day if I didn’t wait. So with those circumstances, I rearranged my schedule to have today be my rest day. I still did an hour of MISS cardio because I’m crazy, though. Coach gave the OK but slightly gave me a hard time for asking to do cardio my REST DAY. He emphasized REST DAY very loud and clear… Sorry, Coach. I was up at 5am this morning to head up to the U of M campus for orientation. I really didn’t want to be THAT girl lugging around a cooler with prepped meals all day as her first day as a Gopher, so I brought 3 protein bars instead. I haven’t had a protein bar before today since like, December! Because of my current macros, I went the Powercrunch Bar – high fat, low carb, moderate protein. They are almost like a wafer. I had 2 of the cookies & creme and one of the french vanilla creme. They were both super good and I actually stopped at GNC on my way home to get more. Orientation went well – it was a little overwhelming at first, but I’m all registered for my classes! I just ordered the new PES Chocolate Frosted Cupcake protein powder… I will keep ya’ll in the loop for that is. Also ordered some post-show nom’s from a new cookie dough website that I have tried before…. It was a pack of 5 different dough’s for $35 from Edoughble.

Friday: I started off my morning with 1 week out progress pictures for coach. I stepped on the scale – 115.8 pounds. For the third day in a row. I was feeling really discouraged this morning and confused as to why I wasn’t dropping back down faster. I posted my photos for Red and asked him if he was concerned about my weight… His response? “No, this isn’t a weight contest.” Yup… He’s always right. Lucky for me, I earned a refeed! Not lucky for me, he gave me my peak week protocols. Starting tomorrow, my macros are 120p 40c 50f. Really, really, low. My cardio was increased to two 40 minutes sessions. I’m supposed to have the bulk of my carbs post-lift, so I’m literally eating protein/fat for my meals. I’m really nervous, but I know I can do it.  I did glutes earlier today and started my cardio, but totally failed… I was going on hour 4 since my last meal and I did 5 minutes of my cardio before calling it a day (for that session). I went back home, got ready, and left for Hastings to get my roots bumped. The lady who did my hair isn’t my usual stylist (she was full) so I was a little anxious, but luckily Cait was there to guide this other girl in terms of what she usually does. It turned out great, and I’m thrilled. After my appointment, I went to Punch Pizza in Woodbury and HOLY BUCKETS was it a great decision. It was so good. Every time I have a refeed or post-show meal, I realize how important it is that I practice self-control and portion control. When you are in contest prep, you have to eat all your food. You have to eat each meal in it’s entirety to hit your macros… And when I don’t HAVE to eat my whole meal, I don’t know when to stop. I have a bottomless pit for a stomach – and by the time my “Hey Katelyn, you’re really really full!” sensors go off, it’s too late. I had to do cardio after this and it wasn’t a good combination, especially after I chugged water ( I was so thirsty) and it made my stomach distend even farther. Once my body calmed down (about 90 min later) I went into the gym and finished my cardio.