NPC Central USA’s || SHOW DAY

5:30am: My alarm goes off and my mom is already buzzing around… She has her make up appointment early. I set my alarm early on purpose – I like to be able to relax, sit and surf social media, and just kinda hang out for bit until the craziness starts. I got out of bed and had a successful pee (YES!) and laid around until I needed to get my butt moving for the day. I weighed in at 110.6 pounds. The lowest ever.


Check-in pictures after breakfast. Make up by ME! So happy with how it turned out.

6:00am: For this show, I decided to do my own makeup. I can do a perfectly decent job on my own, so I’m done paying $120+ for make up that I don’t even end up liking (and usually re-doing).  I own the MAC 45 color, which is the foundation shade that typically matches most tans, and I mixed it with my normal foundation until I found a shade that matched my tan. I wanted to make sure it was a little lighter – I made that mistake at my first show and my face looked muddy. My mom came back from her appointment a little before 6:30am and her make up looked great. I finished shortly before 7 and ended up being really pleased with how it turned out. Definitely great validation that I can continue to do my own make up at shows in the future.

7:00am: We ordered room service yesterday to be delivered this morning. I set a photo of the menu to Red to have him tell me what to order. The “guessing game” of it all gives me some crazy anxiety and I just didn’t want to deal with it. He told me to order French toast with bacon AND an omelet with toast. HELLO! Yes, please. No complaints. The food came exactly when it was supposed to, and I sat and enjoyed my breakfast. I ate until I was full – focusing primarily on getting in my carbs – and put the leftovers away. I EASILY could have taken down both plates in their entirety, but when I had to step on stage in 4-5 hours…. not a good idea. But trust me, I WANTED TO!!!


Coaches order! French toast and omelette.

7:45am: Tans for the morning were first come, first serve and were held between 6:40am-8:30am. We headed down after we finished our breakfast and met Tori. I had some nice sweat/messed-up-tan marks inbetween my boobs (from sleeping on my side) and some streaks on my legs (I tried, people!) and they fixed it up for me pretty quick. I’m not sure what tan product Liquid Sun Rayz uses (maybe even their own), but it dries so quick and definitely ended up being the best tan I’ve ever had to date!

8:30am: The athlete meeting was scheduled for 8:30am, which made absolutely not sense to me considering pre-judging didn’t even start until 10am. The meeting was very quick and very brief, with MAYBE 30 athletes in the room. The stage looked great, the promoter seemed nice, and everything was really organized so far.



9:00am: After the meeting, we still had plenty of time to go back upstairs to our hotel room to finish getting ready. Considering we are bikini, and bikini is always last, we had even more time. I straightened my extensions, straightened my own hair, and had everything clipped in, back combed and hairsprayed to perfection within 30 minutes. I helped my mom with her hair too a little, and then we impatiently sat around until we figured it was time to pack up our things and head downstairs.

10:45am: When we got back down to the venue, we realized that pre-judging was moving much much faster than anticipated. We were keeping tabs of how quickly it was progressing via Instagram (updates EMOM), but suddenly we were supposed to be getting glued and glazed up and we had JUST gotten our stuff organized. I didn’t mind because I literally hate sitting around backstage feeling anxious, but this was a liiiiiittle too close of a call for my comfort level. Pre-judging is flying!


My best look to date… Presentation, body, everything. In the bathroom back stage before I went on for pre-judge

11:30am: We started to line up for butt glue and glaze. I personally NEVER glue my bottoms (bad experience at my first show) and typically I don’t get glazed either – but they were doing a nice job on the other athletes so I let it happen and got in line. There aren’t a lot of bikini girls. It truly is a very small show.  I pumped up backstage and eventually (after novice bikini went) we lined up. There was 5 girls in Bikini C, and I was the 3rd athlete – so I started center. Before I stepped on stage, I prayed like I always do. When it was my turn to do my individual, I took my time. I slowed down and really focused on staying relaxed and natural. We were pulled back out onto the center line and girls were moved around, but I stayed center. I felt good up there. Afterwards, I found my grandparents in the audience and they took some great videos and photos. I looked over my individual and comparison footage, and I was surprisingly pleased with how my posing looked. After MN State, I completely changed my routine and my approach to how I wanted to present myself. My posing looked natural, and relaxed.





12:30pm:  After pre-judging, we went back up to our hotel room. My mom had to eat her normal food, but it was burger time for this girl! I called room service and ordered a burger with swiss cheese and bacon with a side of sweet potato fries. Because pre-judging went well (I may have the chance to compete for the overall), I was really nervous to eat it. I didn’t want to puff up and look bloated for finals. I talked to coach and told him that I was nervous, and hadn’t eaten since my french toast/omelette meal at 7am… he wasn’t happy to hear this, and told me I needed to eat all of it. I trusted him – and ended up eating MOST of the meal. It was the best serving of sweet potato fries I’ve ever had in my entire existence! After my meal, I laid down and tried to relax. We had a long, long time until we had to head down to finals – so the waiting game began. Tori came up around 2pm or so and hung out with my mom and I.



5:oopm: We freshened everything up and I fixed my makeup and hair. Just had to add some highlight, deepen my shadow, fresh lips, etc. My hair just needed to be touched up with the straightener and I had to re- volume-ize it and hide my tracks. I felt really nervous. I didn’t feel tight or lean, and I was almost in tears over it. I took photos to send my coach and felt like I didn’t look nearly as good as pre-judging. I wanted it really bad… Really wanted to look lean. And I just wasn’t pleased with how I looked.


YUP… I was in tears over this body. I have really bad dysmorphia.

6:30pm: We headed back down to the venue for finals to do it all over again. I took the photos I took this morning and the ones I just took about 20 minutes ago and made a collage of them side by side. I literally looked exactly the same…. It was embarrassing. Body dysmorphia is SO REAL, especially when your “success” depends on your aesthetics. We hung out, took pics and tried to have fun, and just chilled. It was actually really boring. We went down earlier since we almost missed our pre-judge class.

7:30pm: I stepped on stage for finals and tried to push out any and all negative thoughts I had in regards to my body. For the night show, we just did a front pose and then went over to the far diagonal. It was literally over before it even started. I was announced as the winner and received 1st place in bikini C. I was very pleased.



7:45pm: Time for the overall! I was not expecting to take this one… The girl who won Bikini E looked amazing, and I was 100% expecting her to win. It was super fun though because Tori and I got to be on stage together for the first time! During comparisons, I surprisingly stayed center. Girls were moved around next to me and I stayed put. Things were looking good. I didn’t win – which is fine, because it just wasn’t my time. God was up there with me. He won’t give me anything until I deserve it or until I’m ready. At the end of the show, I was very very happy. We took lots of pictures. Tori won 1st in Bikini D, and my mom won 5th in Bikin C and 1st in Masters 40+. Safe to say we all left finals on cloud 9!


Overall comparisons. The girl (who is also named Katelyn) in the red suit, winner of Class B, won the overall.


8:15pm: We went back upstairs to change clothes, wash our hands, drop off our bags, and grab our purses. It’s food time! We left the  hotel for Granite City Brewery with my grandparents, mom, Tori, and her mom and boyfriend. I ordered my first drink! I got an Amber Vixen with lemonade, and although I didn’t think my first legal drink order would be a beer, it was! It was super good.. My mom and Tori are I got a little excited and order 3 appetizers… Waffle fry nachos, margherita flatbread, and pretzel sticks with cheese sauce… The pretzels hit the spot for me. I had been craving dense, chewy bread for so long! My entree was a mac and cheese dish, but I really didn’t need it. I would have been just fine without! Obviously we ordered a giant deep dish cookie even though we REALLY didn’t need that… It was freakin’ delicious though, so no shame!


Mac and cheese from Granite City!


My first legal drink!



Best friends out to celebrate!

11:30pm: We said our farewells and got back to hotel pretty late. I didn’t even realize it was almost midnight! I ended up having a lot more fun than I anticipated. I had some more treats and ate the last pretzel with cheese. I really shouldn’t have eaten any more, but it was so dang good. I passed out with a very full stomach and an even fuller heart. It was an awesome, unforgettable day.