2016 Bikini Competition Prep Series || Thank You

After 31 blog entries and 27 weeks on prep, my 2016 competition season has come to a close. Over that time, so many people have influenced me and made an impact on the success of my season. I have mixed feelings about it all being over and done. Now that the smoke has disappeared and things have calmed down, I feel like I have a clear enough mind to formally thank the people who made this possible for me…

*This is a long post. Sorry not sorry.*

To my dad, brother, and sister… Thank you for putting up with me. With my mood swings, my short answers, my kitchen messes… For letting me keep my 15+ jars of peanut butter on the counter because I just can’t finish one jar at a time. Thank you for supporting my goals,asking questions about my prep even when I wasn’t in the mood to talk, and for being patient with me. You tried, and you cared – even when I just shut you out anyways. You didn’t make it to any of my shows this season, but your support during the 186 days that I WASN’T on stage makes up (and so much more) for 3 that I was.

To my mom… Thank you for taking on this journey with me. You understand, you get it… and a lot of the times I wanted to quit and be done I had to remember that I wasn’t doing this alone. That in itself motivated me to keep going. If you could do it, I could do it. Every day that I sent you progress pics, you responded with so much encouragement and excitement. You were by my side the entire time the past 6 months, and getting to stand on stage with you this past weekend was the perfect icing on the cake to an awesome season.

To my boyfriend, Greg… You are simply the most phenomenal human I know. I took so many frustrations and emotions out on you. We had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows on this prep, but you have never failed me. You have been my rock thru and thru, and kept me grounded. You helped me maintain perspective, and gave me a dose of reality when I needed it. You have been my right hand each and every single day of this prep (not to mention the past 15 months of my life) and I couldn’t have done it without you. You believe in me, you’re proud of me, and you think I look amazing whether I’m looking lean or bloated… and how do I know this? Because you tell me so every. single. day. I truly can’t recall a day that you haven’t told me you’re proud of me and that you love me. Thank you for that, and thank you for everything you are.

To my co-workers and bosses… Mary Plein, Angela Kirchner, Rick Kirchner, Bri Eckl, Erin Antilla, Jessie Heubsch, Lorelei Noire, and Erin DeNet: Thank you for not making me feel like an alien every day of my life. Thank you for not making me feel “weird” for prepping my food and eating at random times… for listening to me talk over and over and over again about my prep… for asking and genuinely caring about how I was feeling… for being patient and kind with me when I messed up… and most importantly for being my family and sisters away from home. I am with you all more than I am with anyone else, and without your unconditional support for my goals and dreams, I would have cracked. Thank you for encouraging me to fight harder and push to my fullest potential every day.

To my students… Thank you for not blinking an eye when I pulled out my meals in the middle of class. Thank you for not judging me for being tired during class… for being patient with me when I couldn’t focus to the degree I should have… for putting up with my mood swings… for working hard and respecting me… for asking me every day “What’s in Katelyn’s cooler today?!”… for asking questions about what I do, where my goals are set, and why I do this… for showing genuine interest in my second passion. All of you made this prep 100x easier for me at the studio.

To my friends…  Tori Rider, Carrie Halverson, Kim Eldervik, Krisi Fenner, Melissa Malcolm, Kailey Koob, Brittany Pace, Marie Wold, Dustin Raymond, Gavin McCort, Brittany Kemmerer, Sydney Martichuski, Meagan Brown, Kim DelMonico, Bekah Hanson, Jericah Fox, Courtney Pace and literally ANYONE else who has ever taken a moment out of their day to show support and love…. I’m going to keep this short and sweet to prevent this section from being longer than the wait between pre-judging and finals (lol, I think I’m funny). THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting me, loving me, and always being there for me no matter what the circumstances were. Whether it was a simple message of encouragement, or weekly check-in’s to make sure I’m doing okay, I appreciate you. I appreciate the time you spent being a friend and companion to me during the times of struggle and the times of triumph. If you take anything away from this paragraph, have it be that I do not take your friendship, love, advice, and guidance for granted. You guys have a special place in my heart.

To my glam squad… Big HUGE thank you to the following people for getting me ready for the stage this season.

  • Cait Bauer (hair colorist extraordinaire)
  • Megan Melone (make-up artist for M3)
  • Grace Witthuhn (make-up artist for MN State)
  • 50 Shades of Spray (tan for M3)
  • Hard Body Bronze (tan for MN State)
  • Liquid Sun Rayz (tan for Central USA’s)
  • Beth Hall (original owner of my beige bikini)
  • Ravish Sands (for creating the beige bikini, obviously)
  • Angel Competition Bikinis (purple suit)
  • Glam Competition Jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets)
  • Tory V Hair (extensions)
  • Teri Rolen (grooming and waxes)
  • Mary Plein (suit alterations)
  • Lisa Brightman (posing/presentation)

To the promoters/judge’s… Stacy Tomasini with Shredded Cheddar Productions, Christine Bongiovanni with On Track Training, and Jack Titone with NPC Midwest… Thank you for putting on some unforgettable events. All of my experiences were phenomenal. I know these shows take lots of planning, organization, and time, and you all did your jobs to make the athlete’s experiences one to remember. An extra big thank you to Tim Thompson, Christine Bongiovanni, Amber Fokken and Brandan Fokken for giving me some really helpful and accurate judge’s feedback.

To my gym’s… Anytime Fitness Rosemount, Anytime Fitness Red Wing, and Red Wing YMCA. Thank you for providing me with the tools I needed to sculpt my physique.

And last, but most certainly not, least…

To my coach… Red, you are undeniably the biggest blessing I’ve received this prep. You saved me from absolute destruction of myself and body. I was headed down such an unhealthy and scary path, and you literally put down everything to take me on as your client. I was running my body into the ground and I didn’t even like training anymore… I was going thru the motions; getting it done simply TO get it done. You re-ignited the fire inside of me and helped me find my love and passion for fitness again. I don’t even know where to begin with this one really, so a big jumble of thoughts will have to do… You have taken the science of dieting, turned it into art, and then created a masterpiece with my physique. You helped me mold the best look and presentation to date.  You pay attention. You answer my questions with so much patience and expertise. You break things down to the level I can comprehend them on. You don’t make me feel “lame” for asking/doubting anything, and you have taught me to THINK for myself. You have been there for me every single day since we started working together and you have never made me feel unimportant or neglected – a feeling that I was very used to for a long time. You have the most impeccable attention to detail and you have re-defined what the word “trust” means. Absolute, unwavering trust.  You help me keep perspective and remember what’s truly important – like my health, relationships with my family, and to lighten up and chill out.  You are one of the most knowledgeable, respectable, and caring people I have had the privilege of knowing. You are not just my coach – you are my friend, counselor, mentor, and father figure. I can’t express my gratitude for what you have given me and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in the future. Thank you.