NPC Texas Legends || 9 Weeks Out

Today is June 3rd and that sets me exactly 9 weeks away from the stage. Crazy to think this is actually my half way point! This prep has flown by 10x faster than any other prep and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m doing my best to enjoy the process and not wish it away when things get sucky. Maybe that’s it? When prep sucks, my attitude tends to follow the same pattern. I’m going to work on it this time around and hope my thoughts/mental space stay healthy. Cheers to that. Pledge to that.

Anyway, I feel good! I sent pictures to Red this AM (I’ll attach below) and we are going to stay the course with the same protocols for another week before we cut some more. I hit a prep low yesterday morning (127.4 lbs).  In case you haven’t had the chance to read my last post, I’m carb cycling between 1400 and 1700 calories/day and doing cardio 5 days/week for 40 min. Fatigue is starting to set in, hunger is getting stronger, and it seems like no amount of caffeine helps either of those things. Prep always seems to get the toughest at the 5-6 week out mark for me, so I’ll ride the waves until shit really starts to go down.


Exciting things happened this week! By exciting, I mean exciting for me and not necessarily exciting for anyone else… My mom and I booked the hotel for our week in Pittsburgh (nationals!)  and we decided we’re actually going to end up driving out there! It’s about a 12.5 hour drive and my mom and I figured if we left early enough, we could get there later that night including stops for gas and pee breaks. It’s a little over 800 miles, which is about 2 tanks of gas in my car. Realistically, I would soooo rather pay $65 for gas than $367 for a plane ticket. I also prefer driving because I can control more variables going into nationals. I have never flown into a location for a show before, so I have no idea how my body will respond. Will I hold a bunch of water and swell up like a balloon?? The world will never know. Actually, they might. I don’t know though, and honestly the last time I want to find out is 2 days before my national debut. SO because of my type-A-control-freak tendencies, we will be driving to Pittsburgh and my fiance will fly out from Arizona and meet us there.

A progress pic from my back day yesterday. Bikini girl got wings.

I also booked my hotel for the Texas show! I’m considering also driving to this show but its upward to 14 hours and that’s a little long for me to drive alone. Not sure if I want to commit to that, so I might just chuck up the money to fly. But I’m still worried about how my body responds from flights…. I’ll need to think about that one.

At the banquet with all my beautiful senior company ladies.

On Tuesday, my students had their end of the year banquet at a Meditteranean restaurant. For me, missing out was not an option. These kids are my world and my first student ever (she was 12 at the time) is graduating this year. I’ll take all the time I can get. But anyways… This is what I really love about flexible dieting. I can make these kinds of things work without sacrificing my goals or my relationships with my students. So here’s what I did: I talked with Red. Tuesday was a high carb day, and I knew if I planned accordingly I could make something work. He approved my “plan”. I called the restaurant and asked what was being served buffet style and what the options were. There was quite a lot, but I heard “salad” and I heard “chicken and veggie kabobs” and that’s all I needed! Luck for me, the salad was plain with dressing in a bowl on the side. But the chicken kabobs were delish so I grabbed what I felt looked like maybe 10 oz.  I guesstimated in MyFitnessPal and left 30c 30f and 100p for this meal.  I also had a couple slices of pita bread. If you’re smart, plan ahead, and prioritize, you CAN go out. There most definitely is a time and place to be strict and say no in prep, but that (for me) was not the time.

My graduating senior, Kamrey.

I love bodybuilding. I love to train and work hard and see my body change. But I also love what “life” throws. Bodybuilding is a very, very large and important element of my life, but it isn’t my entire life. These students and their memories with me will last forever. Bodybuilding won’t. If this meal was going to ruin my prep or my progress (and that’s being reallllly dramatic) I would have still came but just not eaten anything. But I didn’t want to do that, you know? These things are important to me. So afterwards, I went home, went to bed, and moved on. Nothing different. The next day, I had no weird fluctuations. Normal.

I had a really big non-scale victory this week! And I feel like this is something that others can relate to (if their body image is slightly skewed) but some people might think this is dumb. If you think I’m dumb to feel happy about this… BUH BYE. I wore a crop top!! I, Katelyn Kay Rademacher, wore tight leggings and a tight crop top in public. Granted it was only to run downstairs to Target for a few things, I still saw people, they saw me, and I owned the crap outta it. Then yesterday, I wore a crop top to a PHOTO SHOOT with my co-workers. Who even am I. This is so a-typical of me, and the fact that I felt even semi-comfy in something as “revealing” as that really was a big W for me. Typically, my crop tops sit in my closet and I don’t touch them. The one I wore to my shoot still had the tags on it. I did feel a little less confident in that one, but I tried to not let it show. Like I always tell my students, fake it til ya make it. Eating my own words like a boss.

EVIDENCE OF THE CROP TOP! Featuring my amazing AF best friends and co-workers.

I have more, but this is getting long. I’ll cut it here and put the rest of my thoughts in another post in the future where I might be lacking words. Thank you for reading!!!

(I don’t have a system or a “way” that I’m going to write these, I’m just going to write and it’s probably going to be super random but whatever. Word vomit sorta. Sorry!)

Super excited to start sharing these. This is a graph and spreadsheet of my daily weights and all the trends associated. So interesting!