NPC Texas Legends || 7 Weeks Out

It’s Saturday morning, so I’m back on schedule with my regular posts! I really saw a lot of visual progress this week and had a huge drop on the scale… my guess is the combination of less carbs/more cardio with the help of my new supps. Last Saturday, I was in the 126 range and today I weighed in at 123.2 pounds. I was confused at first because I couldn’t figure out WHERE those 3 pounds came off of me… but today as I took my check-ins, it was super obvious where the majority of the weight came off – my legs and glutes. Everyone holds fat differently. I tend to hold it in my core, hips, and lower back. Those will definitely be the stubborn parts that I’ll have to work extra hard at to come in. What tends to happen when I start dieting is the fat comes off in different places in different phases. First, it’s my upper body. Then my core, then my legs. And then as I continue to diet and get leaner, that process repeats itself over and over again. My upper body leans out a litttttle more, then my core a little more, and then my legs/glutes a little more… I’m currently in the 2nd leg/glute lean out phase. I’ve learned this over the past 2 preps from paying close attention to my body and how it responds over time from dieting.

Weight loss trends from April 1 – now.. about 17 pounds difference.

After recital last week, I spent Sunday and Monday running around like a mad woman to get ready for my trip to AZ. It was funny because all weekend long I thought my flight was leaving on Tuesday morning so I was under the impression I had to have my life together by Monday night. I didn’t get an email telling me it was time to check-in like I usually do so I did some hunting thru my email to see what was up… turns out my plane didn’t leave until Tuesday NIGHT at like 8pm. So I had a whole entire extra day to prepare, which made me feel dumb for stressing out and running around the two days prior.

Anna, my sister and maid of honor.

On Sunday, I went down to Red Wing to my dads house to see my sister. I asked her to be my maid of honor. She said yes (thank God) and I’m so grateful. We aren’t as close as I would like for us to be, but now that she’s getting older I think that will come. We’re almost 6 years apart and it’s been tough for us to get close. She wanted to get breakfast and I couldn’t tell her no, so we went to Perkins. I got an english muffin and some bacon and plugged it into MFP and moved on. After, I went home, packed my stuff, and then went to the gym to meet Tori! She moved back to Ely for the summer and it’s been tough not having her around. She’s my best friend and when your fiance and your best girl live far away (AND Cheyanne moved home for the summer) I’ve been kinda lonely. After we trained, we came back to my apartment and posed together. I also popped the question to her and asked her to be my bridesmaid. She ALMOST started crying and we hugged for a long time and it was perfect. I’m so so SO happy to have her by my side on my wedding day.

So Tuesday night rolls around and I’m off to Arizona for 26 days! My macros are low right now, and I was starving by the time we got home at 11:40pm AZ time… which is almost 2am back home. I was tired and hungry, but I’m at that point in my prep where sticking to my diet is easy. I’m seeing changes and seeing results and the last thing I want to do is mess that up. Watching live streams and looking at pictures from Junior Nationals had me really motivated… worried, nervous, but excited. It made me want to work harder.

A shot Greg got during back day.

Since I got here, it’s been great. I wake up around 6:30am (AZ time) and Greg goes to work. I take my time and relax and get ready when I feel like it. Honestly, then I just hang out. I’ll watch Netflix, YouTube, write, or work on my secret project. šŸ˜‰ It’s really nice to recharge and chill out and not be so on the go go go all the time. Once Greg gets home around 3-4pm from work, we get ready for the gym and train. Greg goes to Desert Sports & Fitness here in Tucson and it’s pretty nice. Definitely not Los, but it’s not bad. It’s more of a commercial gym than a hardcore bodybuilding gym, but that’s okay. They have great cardio equipment and enough machines to make the world go round. They also have a huge fitness class room that’s perfect for posing. Basically, I get 4 weeks to really focus on my prep. Sleep, eat, train, and relax. It’s pretty much a dream and I don’t want to take it for granted. It’s hard to believe once I go home, I’ll be 4 weeks out from my first show.

If you haven’t read my post about the new supplements I’m starting, click here. After 5 days on them, I can definitely say they’re making a difference. Especially the appetite control. I took my supps this morning and I could barely finish my breakfast… I made french toast for Greg and I (it’s BOTH our refeed day.. peep the featured image) and I was so disappointed in myself for barely being able to eat it all.. like for real! Especially since I’m dying to do the 10K calorie challenge someday…. hmm. Like who am I kidding.

Anyways, I’m happy. Life is good. Prep is good. I feel focused and ready to keep pushing for the next 49 days (holy shat) until I’m on stage. Have a great week and thank you for reading. (: My 7 week out check-ins are below.