NPC Texas Legends || 6 Weeks Out

Weight trends for the last couple weeks… I weigh in every day and track my fluctuations. Then I average out my weights at the end of the week to get a better picture of how I’m progressing. Looking at 2 pounds/week.

So as I just typed the title of the post into the bar, I realized I’m 2/3 of the way thru this prep. I started April 1st at 18 weeks out and 140 pounds. Today is June 24th, I’m 6 weeks out, and weigh 122.6 pounds. This prep is flying by faster than any other prep before and it makes me feel so many emotions! I’m excited because I get to be on stage again in 42 days, anxious because HELLO I wanna do well, and a little sad because I love this process.

My current mindset about this prep is as such: I keep telling myself all I can do is give my all so I can become my best. Not THE best, even though that IS what I’m striving for.  I think it’s important for me to note that my best may not be THE best at my shows this season. I know that. Obviously I am working towards that 1st place trophy, but my existence does not depend on it. I am no less of a woman in first callouts or third. Whatever I bring home does not define me.  I can’t control what others bring to the table, or who will show up… but what I can do is make sure whatever I bring is one hell of a dish. I plan to do exactly that. My focus is narrowed, my diet is on point, and motivation is high. Yet I do have my insecurities. I feel behind for 6 weeks, but I trust my coach with my entire life. I know we’ll get there together.

On to the content for todays blog… I’m really starting to feel it. The first 12 weeks haven’t necessarily been easy by any means, but I’m at the point where the effects of dieting and prep are hitting me hard. If I wouldn’t have started those supplements last week, I feel like things would be even harder. I most definitely AM feeling the effects of my new supplements and they’re helping with hunger and fatigue tremendously. When I’m late to taking my second dose, hell breaks lose (not actually, but it’s pretty sucky) and the side effects of prep are very, very prominent. The Morpholean (which is for energy, appetite and sex drive) is helping with the first two, but if I’m being honest I completely lack the third. There’s nothing there. But it does make sense because I did lose my menstrual cycle (yes, again) last month. I should write a post about that.

Painting our pottery!

On Saturday, Greg and I got massages and it was pretty amazing/painful. I told her what areas were bothering me and she told me she could feel every single one… “Yeah hun, there’s definitely some stuff going on with you.” Awesome. Splendid. Great to hear!!!!!! :/ She noticed my slouch, too. My shoulders naturally round forward and it effects my posture. She told me my chest is super tight which is pulling them forward. I attribute this to not stretching out my pecs enough and my breast augmentation surgery in 2015… I’m pretty sure Dennis mentioned this same thing to me a few months back. She was digging around in my left glute and was all like, “OOO honey, I know it hurts but you gotta relax.” and I was super confused because I was COMPLETELY. She was a little strung out over how tight my glutes were, but she just dug her elbow in deep and tried to work it out. She’s also a bodybuilder so it was cool to have something in common and talk about while I was there for 90 minutes. On Sunday, Greg and I hung out most of the day, went to the gym, and then went to Color Me Mine on a date and painted pottery. We picked them up last night. There were so many screaming/misbehaving children in there that it ended up being a really effective source of birth control, lol!

Monday was supposed to be a rest day (I have 2/week) but we went to the gym and I did some LISS and glute work. Red has me doing some sort of glute isolation exercise every day now, my choice for 3 sets of 12. Wednesday was probably my toughest day of this prep to date. It was tough mental game and I was a pawn. I was hungry and tired and nothing was able to pull me out of the hole. But time kept moving and I made it a successful day. Diet and training remained intact. Yesterday was a high carb day and I pretty much just relaxed the whole day until we went to the gym. I saw a cardio workout that Breena Martinez posted on her IG story and I got the OK from coach to try it. It was hell in case you’re wondering.

And now onto the fun stuff… protocol changes. The last two weeks I’ve been doing 5 sessions of intervals per week. Each session was 45 minutes long. My macros have been 150p 50c 50f on the “A” (low) days and 150p 180c 50f on the “B” (high) days. My cycle has been AAB. Now, my cycle has changed to AAAB – which means I have one additional low day in the mix. Macros didn’t change. My cardio was increased to 55 minutes/session. On my last protocols, I was losing at a rate of about 2 pounds/week. I’m hoping to keep that up!