NPC Texas Legends || 4 Weeks Out

I feel like I’m going to be ready, but at the same time I don’t. These thoughts flip flop through my mind every other time I take a glance in the mirror. It’s exhausting. I’m trying my best to not over-analyze my physique or my progress and just let my coach worry. That’s why I have one, right? To worry about my plan, my progress, how I look… I know I need to chill out. But when you want something really, really, realllly bad it’s hard to let someone else have control. My adherence has been the best it’s ever been – I have never hit my macros so spot on every day as I have during this prep. I guess I just need to remember to stay patient, consistent, and put the work in.. follow the plan, eat the food, do the cardio, and just hold on for the ride.

Posing practice.

Because of the holiday, Greg had a long weekend. We spent that time lounging around, hanging out, and just enjoying each other’s company considering I fly home tomorrow. On the 4th, we went and watched a firework show and I absolutely loved it. Since then, we haven’t done much except rest and prepare for Greg’s show today. He decided two weeks ago to just jump in and do a local one here in AZ. He lost five pounds in two weeks! He pushed really hard into this show and I’m really proud of him – no matter what the outcome.

For me, the week was tough. Nothing new at this point. Hungry, tired, hungry, tired, over and over and over again. My plan was updated mid-week (on Tuesday I believe) and was updated again today when I sent my updated check-in photos. My cardio was increased from 5 sessions/week to 6 sessions/week… each one 60 minutes long. I’m allowed to split that hour, too. So once I get back home tomorrow, I’m planning to do 30 minutes in the morning (maybe fasted, maybe not) and then 30 minutes after my lift. Red also decided he wants to experiment a bit with my carbs and fat… he told me he wanted to try this earlier this week, but I expected carbs to drop and fats to increase. So, basically keto. But to my surprise, it was the opposite… We increased carbs and dropped fats and protein a bit. Not thrilled about the protein drop, but my assumption is that we just need to drop more calories. My protein macros started at 180g, decreased to 150g, and now they are at 120g. This is still an appropriate number considering I weighed in at 119.2 pounds this AM… so I’m still in that whole “1g of protein per pound of bodyweight” thing. Like I was saying, protein dropped to 120g and fats dropped from 50g to 40g – which I’m actually thoroughly upset about, lol. I started at 80g! I love my fats. Carbs went UP from 50g to 80g. No complaints there. For my high days (still carb cycling AAAAB), my protein and fat stay the same and carbs increase to 140g.  That has my calories around 1100 on the A day’s… I know this is low. Major poverty macros. But competitive bodybuilding is extreme, and this is temporary. Yes, I do miss my 2300 calories I was eating 3.5 months ago. Don’t miss the 21 pounds I’ve lost since then, though!

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. I should have lots to write about next week considering I’ll be back in MN and back in a scheduled routine with work and teaching and whatnot. I’m so stoked to get back to Los… I miss my gym so much! Leaving Greg here in AZ is the hardest thing EVER, but thankfully we just have to hold on 28 more days until we’re reunited again. Hope you had a great week, and thank you for reading. (: