NPC Texas Legends || 1 Week Out

NOTE: pictures won’t upload… I’m working on it. Sorry!

I’m just excited at this point, guys. Honestly, if I don’t do well, I’m already at peace with it. I’m so mentally happy and healthy. I’ve enjoyed this prep tremendously. It has barely even felt like prep to be honest. I’m just excited and so ready to take on this upcoming peak week. I just want to be my best. I want to enjoy my trip to Texas, and enjoy this last week leading into the 2017 NPC Texas Legends Championships.

I can’t recall if I’ve written about all my travel plans in a previous blog or not, so I’ll recap here: I’m leaving on Thursday afternoon around 5:30pm and staying at a hotel right around the corner from the venue. It’s at Dallas Market Hall – which is basically like the Convention Center here in Minneapolis. Everything is booked and ready to go! (Editing to add: I upgraded my flight to first class… lol)

I’ve found doing daily “diary” style entries works best for me at this point. My brain isn’t entirely capable of remembering an entire weeks worth of events anymore!

SUNDAY: Woke up about 0.4 pounds higher today even though I was expecting a low weight – which is cool. It happens! Today I ran to Target (like I do every day honestly) and grabbed essentials for the show… Hair dye for my extensions, fake lashes, fake nails, all the stuff I mentioned needing in my last post. I have it now! Today is my 2nd low carb day (out of 4) and I’m hanging in there. I didn’t run out of food until 6:37pm which is hell of a lot better than my typical 5:30pm last meal, lol. I didn’t have a lift today so I just had my 90 minutes of cardio to conquer. I did it all at once – not something I will EVER be doing again. I usually split it up into 3 30 minute sessions or 2 45 minute sessions but something possessed me to just keep going and get the suck over with.

This morning I went to church for the first time in 6 years. I went with my mom and her boss to Eagle Brook in Woodbury… I think I’ll go back. I liked it. In the past, I haven’t been a huge fan of organized religion (and now I can attribute that back to the very strict and very traditional church I attended growing up). I actually had fun. I was interested and didn’t feel like things were being forced onto me. The energy was incredible, too. Afterwards, we went to a bridal consignment shop together and that was one big fat FAIL. It was during their semi-annual sale so everything was 50% off. There was shit everywhere. It was too much for my anxiety-ridden, claustrophobic self so we stayed for 5 minutes and I was like YEAH NO. Then I took my mom to Costco! When I first got my membership, I had put her name down as my “number 2.” This was the first time we had the chance to go together so she could actually get her card! All I got was fish, chicken, potatoes, and green beans. #1WeekOut

MONDAY: I was decently productive today. I woke up and within an hour I was out the door and on my way to the pharmacy and Target to pick up a few things. (Again, Target. I have a problem). I dyed my extensions today but I’m going to have to re-do them. The color just wasn’t dark enough… I’ll need to get a darker shade of brown and probably 2 boxes to make sure I have enough coverage and they’re completed saturated. They’re going to look nice once they’re done I think though! Today I trained shoulders and then did my first half of cardio… zero pump. Like nadaaaaa. I had more vascularity after I took a selfie in the locker room than I did during lift, no joke lol. It was a mediocre lift – but I can’t expect much. I did my first 45 minutes on the stairs and watched The Great British Baking Show. I’m obsessed! Perfect show for cardio, too. I went back home, practiced my posing for about 45 minutes, ate, and then headed back to the gym for round two. I just got back as I’m typing this… I’m so tired. I’m so so so tired, you guys. I feel like a zombie. I feel like I was doing pretty well for awhile and then it hit me hard… the fatigue is there. I just have to keep going.

My rental suit came today! I’m in a bunch of Facebook bikini re-sale groups and a woman rents out her CJ’s Elite bikinis for $130. I was curious about the hype of these suits and wanted to see if they’re actually worth what people pay for them. I’m seriously in love with it and really sad I have to send it back, honestly. The fabric is so soft, the stones are beautiful, and it fits incredibly well for it not being made specifically for me. I’m super stoked to wear it in Texas.

TUESDAY: Another day down! I just got home from teaching for a few hours. Today was pretty “normal” when it comes to the life of me, haha. I woke up and hit a new low-weight of 117.6 pounds, FaceTime’d Greg like I do every morning, and went and did my 90 minutes of cardio. Then I trained back. And now I’m here. Nothing much to say… hunger is tolerable and so is fatigue.

WEDNESDAY: Today sucked in every capacity. I hate today. I hate everything and everyone. Done done done done done done done done done.

THURSDAY: Okay… now that my head space is a little clearer and I’m feeling more calm, I do feel like I can talk about yesterday and why I was so stabby. Yesterday started off great. It was my first refeed out of two and I woke up at a low weight of 117.0 pounds. I went to Red Wing to grab my competition suit case for next week and went to the gym with my mom afterwards. Earlier, I had sent Red a little update just saying how my weight was going down, I felt good, and the carbs are filling me out. He gets back to me around 6pm and says, “send me pics from this AM before refeed.” But I didn’t take any. He didn’t ask me to… I didn’t know I was supposed to. It seems so small and like it’s not a big deal, but it seriously destroyed me thinking how I messed up.. upset my coach.. disappointed him.. (AKA prep feels) I couldn’t give him what he asked for. I felt awful. I got two, “K” ‘s in response to letting him know I didn’t have pictures for him which made me feel 20x worse. I shut down. I lost it. I wanted to cry and run away and crawl into a hole. I HATE letting people down… he admitted it was his fault (2x) that he didn’t have me take pictures. I should have gotten over it pretty quick, but when you have 10 day out emotions and exhaustion, everything is a big deal. Lol. So, basically I let it ruin my entire night… worst lift of my entire prep, worst mindset, worst attitude, worst cardio session. It just all around sucked because I couldn’t get out of my own head. Clearly, I’m over it now and can reflect back on it with a clearer conscious. Things are all good. He wasn’t upset, lol.

So onto today! Woke up to a lowER weight than yesterday after my refeed. This is the first time this has EVER happened to me. This is a record – my 4th day in a row with the number on the scale decreasing. In the past, I’ve done the “go have a burger and fries” or “go have a cheat meal on Friday to fill out”… I’m someone who would lose control and overeat. Sooo starting my peak week last year, I was up SEVEN pounds (water mostly, I know) overnight from my cheat meal. I was “hungry” and so mentally unstable that I ate way too much. This time around, we’re refeeding 2 days in a row on 250g of carbs… the result? No stress. No anxiety. No guilt. No overeating. No worry. Anddddd.. I dropped weight this morning. It was a bomb feeling and I’m looking much better today. I sent Red pictures and he’s really pleased with how I look.

I spent the rest of today picking up, cleaning, organizing my life. I’m so Type A I can hardly stand myself sometimes. I trained arms and then did 1/3 of my cardio. Once I came home, I ate my last meal (which was heaven) and practiced my posing. I procrastinated my last hour of cardio so hard… my body was not feeling it. I finally got there around 8:30pm and pounded out the last hour on a Cybex. I hopped on the scale to see where I was sitting… it’s not looking like a low weigh-in for me – but I can’t be surprised. After 500 carbs, my muscles are going to fill up, I’m going to hold water; that’s just the way this works!

FRIDAY: Anddddd yup, up a pound from yesterday. I sent pictures to Red because he told me he might want to do another day of high carb depending on how full I came in this morning. We decided against it, and now I’m back to my low macros. But today’s my rest day! I didn’t even realize it til late last night. My body needs the break because it freakin’ hurts. Hopefully being on my regular macros and letting my body relax, things will go back to normal with my body. I had another hair appointment today to get everything darker. When I first had it colored dark down in AZ, the girl who did it said she was going to try to get it as dark as she could but wasn’t sure how well it would actually hold considering how blonde I was. First, she “filled” it (that’s what she called it) red… and then put the brown on top. But the brown was fading, and the red was pulling thru a lot. Now, I’m a really, really dark brown and my extensions match perfectly. Another “fun” thing is that my new meal prep bag came today! I ordered the Shield bag from Fitmark Bags. It’s big (but not so big that it’s annoying) and I’m stoked to bring it with me next week.

Energy today was incredibly low. All I could do is sit at my counter and stair at my phone or computer. I was a wreck.  Hoping tomorrow will be better.

SATURDAY: Today is the official 1 week out mark! I’m so freakin’ excited. I talked with my coach and we’re starting my peak week protocols on Monday. Here’s the plan for peaking into this show:

  • 1.5x my normal fluid intake Monday-Thursday; taper to half on Friday.
  • Carb loading on Tuesday and Wednesday on 300g carbs (mostly potatoes bc potassium)
  • Tapering carbs and coasting in Thursday/Friday with light carb up Saturday.
  • Add in Xpel.
  • No changes to cardio/training.
  • No changes to supplementation.

I’m a firm believer in the whole “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” thing. So is Red. My last high carb day was Thursday, so now I’m doing one more carb cycle on my low macros before we do the final carb up. Things are coming together! Thanks for reading and cheering me on – even if you do it silently.